[REVIEW] Fischer Audio FA-003 Karelian Birch (BOTH EDITIONS), and FA-006.I just got MAJOR WOOD!
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Dec 13, 2012
I couldnt help myself really. Was at my favorite hang out these days Noisy Motel in Prarahn and came across some serious ear-porn... The Fischer woodies. I fell in love with the High Edition Karelian Birch and had to have them! Then i wondered out loud: "what would Karelian sound like in normal editions?" Billy to the rescue!!! "here you go mate, take these home to try", throwing me a brand new plastic wrapped matched pair of regular drivers with pads to boot

So off i went home to try both, with wood and without. Heres what i found.
These cans (both) are AWESOME. The detail on the High edition is completely unsurpassed in a closed can, seriously- IMO unsurpassed.
Being a massive unabashed bass head, i could appreciate their high end sound and epic open-style sound stage (hard to believe the High Edition are closed)... but i still thought id reach for my trusty DT770 for electronica /hip hop and movies.
Then i listened to the regular edition drivers with stock metal/plastic cups- BIG bass! warm, nice mids, detailed (not as much as the high edition but certainly compared to my DT770). I like these! i might even love them.... Now to stuff them in my woodies!
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So I fell in love with both of them. They are different, so different its hard to believe they are actually relatively the same?
One thing i did notice though, all the woods sound so different! When i put the regular drivers in the Karelian Brich- they changed when compared to listening to them seconds earlier in their original platic/metal housing. Not overly dramatically but certainly very significantly. And the difference between the birch and the mahogany or other woods  in relation to eachother WAS dramatic!!!! With the regular drivers in the birch the top end sharpened nicely- but no where near sibilant, and the bottom end richened- the soundstage opened (probably due to this amphitheater effect above which is so precisely made its GORGEOUS!).  I could comfortably now sell my DT770, but i wont. They are between a 770 and 990 somewhere with warmer more present mids, epic cans. With the high edition chips in place they are more like a T series but somehow more analytic.
Fave pads of the three (standard feux leathery stuff, velure, and what i assume is leather on the HE) are the high edition pads by far! Thick and luxurious with a double inner wall, they improve sound noticably. 



Grabbed the stand too, matches our other danish delights.
Couldnt help myself getting these for the wife too (helps me justify my purchases):


Cant believe what you get for the money with these! They are very very nicely made cans, i dont get how they do it? The sound is very clean and clear, detail is unavoidable. For the money they are extremely impressive sub $90 quality built phones with a coiled cable and an impressive sound- where do you get that? Wifey is uber happy, no complaints about my obvious sickness... Job well done.
Many many many thanks to Billy of Noisy Motel for looking after us yet again with your extraordinary service, above and beyond doesnt even scratch the surface.
Happy to answer questions.
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Mar 8, 2010
Nice impressions and pics, bud.. I've got a FA-002w HE (Karelian Birch) on the way from Musica Acoustics, as well.  Nice little closeout sale they've got going on the HE's for anyone that's looking to get these at a great price.

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