REVIEW: Fischer Audio Consonance Mini
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Jul 12, 2012
REVIEW: Fischer Audio Consonance Mini

Driver: 8 mm
Frequency range: 18-22000 Hz
Sensitivity: 104 dB
Impedance: 32 Ohm
Maximum power input: 60 mW
Cable: 1.2 m                  
MSRP$49 and $59 for the mic. version.
Product page & Availability:
3 pairs of single eartips (S/M/L) and 1 pair of bi-flange tips.
Carry pouch

Build & Design:
As the name states, the new consonance iteration is truly small and compact. The housings are all plastic and weight nothing. R and L marks are printed there, but a proper strain relief is lacking. On the mic version, the mic and control are located on the right cable side, which limits the cable cinch to just half way. Unfortunately, this cable would be the real flaw of this model. It's a cloth covered one and very soft, but it is very, very microphonic; among the most annoying cables. A shirt clip or over-ear wear seems a must to at least lower the loud noise the cable carries.

Fit, Comfort, Isolation:
The small design makes the Consonance Mini one of the easiest to fit and most comfortable in-ear models. Those with small to medium size ear canals should have zero issues. Driver flex is slightly present with the included stock eartips, and anyway, alternative tips are recommended for better sound results and higher isolation. Isolation is good, and should be similar to the RE400 or Zero Audio Tenore with Sony hybrid style tips.
Rarely enough the Consonance Mini is one of the earphones that manage to offer everything in just the right amount without lacking or overpowering anything. Neither a V-shaped signature nor a mid-centered, not dark and not bright, just well balanced and well weighted from lows to highs. This said, the Consonance Mini is also about average in quality when compared to the similar priced competition; not really a disadvantage as most contenders tend to prioritize some sound parts or frequencies over the rest.
Bass is punchy and well rounded; not deep enough on the lower regions and doesn't show too much kick on the mid-bass part, but it's fairly fun. On the one hand, it definitely lacks layering and rumble; the RE300h wins in layering, and both VSD1S and MA350 win in rumble by a fair margin. On the other hand, the Consonance Mini is not dark as the RE300h and also softer than the MA350 (As for the VSD1S, personally I prefer the Vsonic for a more enjoyable and 'special' bass response).
Midrange is pretty much neutral. Not too dry and not too sweet, with just a slight sense of richness and warmth. Level of detail is about average, not lacking but won't really surprise anyone. Vocals are given some priority and a hint of forwardness; yet, nothing like a Fidue A63 which shine with voices. Instruments are logically, without much emphasis or air placed. The Consonance isn't' as veiled as the RE300h, and shows more instruments presence, but lacks the depth next to the Hifiman's set, and even the emotion in vocals. As a whole, the midrange is as enjoyable as a Vsonic VSD1S, more 'flat' and just a bit less 'fun'.
Treble, doesn't stands out but isn't shy either in both presence and extension. With enough sparkle and crispiness with no grain, although somehow dull; just right quantity to complete the whole balance along with the mids and lows.
Compared to other IEMs, this Consonance is brighter than the RE300h and extends a bit further, but not as energetic as the new Meelec M6Pro. In way it is similar to a Fidue A63 treble response, just less smooth, although it's much more forgiving than the RHA MA350, and way nicer than the Brainwavz S1 peaky treble response. Personally I could even EQ it a bit for more treble and it'd still remain in a 'safe' zone.

Conclusion & Value:
The last Fischer Audio Consonance Mini is an earphone that is easy to like or dislike, but not to the point of love/hate like V-shaped or mid-centered signatures. It does nothing wrong but doesn't excel in anything. The main concern would be the cable (too microphonic), average build quality, small accessory pack (and useless tips). Also, the products it competes against are cheaper and may offer a better value too. It still has its own merits though, being very comfortable with an easy going sound.

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