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Review || Dunu Trident [DN-12]

  1. -y0-
    What's good Head-Fi! I was lucky enough to be one of the ten picked to review the Trident and I'd like to thank Rocky @ Dunu for the opportunity. This is my first Dunu product I've tried and look forward to trying more. I have this and other reviews on http://inearaddiction.blogspot.com if you want to check it out. Without further ado, here's the review.


    Driver Type: 6.8mm dynamic

    Frequency Response: 10Hz-20KHz

    Sensitivity: 100dB

    Impedance: 16Ω

    Cable: 1.2m

    Connector: 3.5mm|angled|gold plated

    Warranty: 1 year


    The Trident comes in a package reminiscent of a Monster Turbine earphones which is very nice indeed. There's also a pretty good amount of accessories included for the price consisting of a soft pouch and 7 pairs of eartips. I didn't care to much for the pouch since I prefer clamshell zippered cases over it but something is better than nothing.


    The Trident had a very comfortable fit and I had no trouble wearing it for hours at a time. The isolation was also very good. The Trident has an attractive, industrial design that looks way more expensive than it really is. It doesn't look flashy but still has a fancy look to it.


    The Trident is built like a tank. It's unreal how well built this is for the price. It could probably be used as a weapon if needed and do serious damage. The all metal housing is a little heavy but very sturdy. The cable is a bit rubbery and stiff but has all the needed strain reliefs so it should stand the test of time. The plug in angled with a gold plating. 


    The Trident has a sound that is very easy to listen to. Treble is not harsh at all and easy on the ears. Midrange is smooth and full. Bass is strong yet not overpowering. Soundstage is average. Overall it has a smooth, full sound with a slight emphasis on bass which I was quite impressed with for the price.

    The Verdict

    For $40 or less, it's really hard to find better earphones than the Trident which are very easy to listen to without getting tired. It has a pretty good sound for the price and a build exceeding pricier earphones. It's really a great buy and could double as a flail type weapon if the sound doesn't impress you.

  2. kckc
    Congrats on being selected to review these. Nice review and love the pictures! I also have the Tridents and I really think these have the best build quality of any <$40 earphones. Great bang for buck!
  3. -y0-


    I know right! The thing is built to last, couldn't believe it's only listed at around $40. Thanks for the compliments, I try to take the best pics I can but am limited to the camera on my iPhone 4. I knew I should've kept my Sony Cybershot! [​IMG]
  4. kckc


    Yeah! Whenever someone asks me about entry-level IEMs with excellent build quality these always come to mind first.

    Those were taken on the iPhone 4 [​IMG] I didn't know they take such good close-up pictures as I have one too and I'm always still fiddling around with my camera in macro mode, taking a couple minutes before I get them to focus. 

    Have you heard the other Dunu products (Hephaes, Ares)? I hear that they're not very competitive in their price ranges.
  5. -y0-


    That's what Lightroom 3 is for. [​IMG]
    I haven't heard any other Dunus yet but maybe will in the future. 
  6. steampunk
    unfortunately, they use a common type of earphone cable
    why not use twisted cable that proved more durable and reliable?
  7. -y0-

    I'm guessing it's due to the difficulty of fitting the twisted wire into the housing in an assembly setting, I could be wrong though.
  8. outeirino
    If you don't like the sound would be use for kill your mother wife
  9. ProjectDenz



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