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Review: DUNU Hawkeye(DN-18)[v1]

  1. EpicPie
    [Click any of the images for a higher resolution]​
    Packaging & Accessories:
    CameraZOOM-20120601141225168.jpg CameraZOOM-20120601141408629.jpg CameraZOOM-20120601141308495.jpg CameraZOOM-20120601141619340.jpg CameraZOOM-20120601141714863.jpg
    The packaging is constructed of cardboard.  Two magnets hold the lid closed giving the box a clean look when you slide it out of it's sheath.

    Inside the box are the earphones, carrying case, and the neatly packaged accessories.
    Accessories Included: cleaning cloth, hard shell case, leather carrying bag, airplane adapter, 1/4" adapter, wire clip, silicon ear buds in six sizes.

    Driver Size: 10mm
    Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
    Sensitivity: 100dB ± 2dB
    Impedance: 16Ω
    Cable: 1.2 m
    Plug: 3.5mm Gold-Plated
    Weight: 20g
    Noise Attenuation: 26dB

    Build Quality:
    The earphones feel solidly constructed with a CNC crafted mirror finished metal driver housing and translucent gray rubber covering the silver wiring ensuring signal purity.

    The bass is deep and punchy with a great bass extension that really shows on low frequency sweeps. Genres that have rhythmic bass lines, such as Dubstep, are quite pleasurable to listen to with these IEM's.

    The midrange is forward but lacks energy keeping it safe from sibilance but reduces the ability to convey emotion and intensity.
    (Credit goes toward Dweaver for helping me form my words for midrange).
    The treble is bright but not piercing and brings out a lot of smaller details in music. This was noticeable in genres like Electro House where there are quite a few hi-hats.

    The soundstage is small.  Binaural recordings sound like the instrument is coming from either the left or right channel. The soundstage is just enough to be noticeable and tickle your ear when sounds play or fade through the left or right channels.

    At an MSRP of $69 dollars I would highly suggest these IEM's to any avid listener of Hip-Hop or EDM. The elegant aesthetics make the product feel premium without sacrificing sound quality and still including a plethora of accessories without a hefty price tag, this is perfect to make any person quite satisfied with their purchase.

    Purchase the DUNU Hawkeye(DN-18) Here:
  2. Swimsonny
    Sorry but how does a midrange become "rolled of"? Rolling of is the extension of either bass or treble.
  3. ProjectDenz

  4. EpicPie

    I wasn't sure how to describe it. Vocals are either forward or they sound flat depending on the key the signer is signing in.

    Sent from my SGH-T989 using Satanic Unicorn magic.
  5. tinyman392
    That's not rolled off (or recessed for that matter).  I'd actually call that forward since they are either at level or forward (never going recessed or below flat).  Just my opinion though. 
  6. Swimsonny
    Yeh if they are how you just described them they have forward mids.
    Check out the wiki on here, someone once said to me they have a good glossary of sound description their!
  7. dweaver
    I believe the reviewer is referring to the fact that while the midrange is forward for the most part they lack energy which I believe is due to a drop in volume in the upper midrange which makes them safe from sibilance but certainly reduces their ability to convey emotion and intensity.
  8. tinyman392
    That makes more sense, but I'd have to say I've had an opposite response with my Hawkeyes, they don't lack energy in any sense, if anything, they are actually pretty sweet :p 
  9. psygeist
    Agree with that, sounds slightly veiled.
  10. psygeist
    Relative to what other earphones ?
  11. tinyman392
    Focusing directly on the mids, relative to things like the A161, A151.  The mids have a sweeter side to them.  Please also be aware that DUNU apparently did update this model (which included a sound change as well).  I do have the older model, so that can account for differences. 
  12. EpicPie
    Yes, this.

    Sent from my SGH-T989 using Satanic Unicorn magic.
  13. EpicPie

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