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Review Decware Taboo. An Amazing Achievment

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by frank i, Jan 20, 2011.
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  1. ardilla
    Taboo is really just a speaker amp that happens to work great with orthos and thus it was added a TRS connector
  2. longbowbbs
    6 Watts good for Planer or speaker.....
  3. Argo Duck
    Remember that's 6W 8 ohms.
    Chris J calculated 2W plus into 50 ohms (LCD2r1; LCD3; HE-6 as well?), nearer 2W flat into 60 ohms (LCD2r2) based on the output impedance of the Taboo transformer. Hope I've quoted Chris correctly.
    It's not all about power of course. Taboo's design and construction philosophy offers high transparency which can be optimized (or not!) with its flexible tube-rolling options. The tubes don't have to cost the earth either...
  4. longbowbbs
    True enough...Love to hear one with some high quality monitors....945's anyone?
  5. Llloyd
    sounds amazing with even low end monitors, i'd love to have a real speaker setup for my taboo.  it's really something
  6. Nyvar
    I have the CSP2+ & Taboo with the 945s.   I don't really have speaker experience outside of this, but I find the set up fantastic.  Thankfully my space is limited otherwise I'd be tempted to head for the 944s which would make me lust after the MK3.    
  7. longbowbbs
    I watched a bit of the ZenFest via the web and I am afraid if I was there I would just load up the car with the HD1's!
  8. Chgm
    anyone here tried the lcd 2 with the taboo with mainstream eletronica like skrillex and david guetta or rock like offspring and nickelback?
  9. elipson73
    Does anybody have tried AKG K 701 and Decware Taboo ?
    I have tried once Leben CS 300 + K 701 and it was fabulous ... even if there's a price mismatch ...
  10. preproman
    How good is this amp with the HD800s?  Or is there a different amp in the Decware lineup that works better with them?
  11. ardilla
    CSP2+ is he way to go with high imp cans. Taboo is for speakers - and orthos.  CSP2+ and the Taboo is supposedly a great pre-power amp combo - they are made for each other. 
  12. longbowbbs
    Ardilla is on the money (As usual!)  The CSP2+ is designed for dynamic HP's and the Taboo for Planer due to its higher output power (6W per channel as a speaker amp)
    Here is the CSP2+ in action with my HD650's....
  13. dminches
    My Taboo in action.  I am giving my Leben a rest while I really get to know it.
  14. Nick Dangerous
    Nice! Are you using EL84's?
  15. dminches
    Yes.  Currently I am using a pair of Amperex EL84/6BQ5s.
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