Review/Comparison: AKG K430, Koss Porta Pro, Senheisser PX100, Logitech Noise Cancelling Headphones, V-Moda Bass Mix
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Oct 12, 2009
Hi everyone!,

I'm from the Philippines.
I have been looking for the best portable headphones around Metro Manila.
So far the headphones that I posted in the title is what I got.

I would like to share my first hand experiences to the headphones so that I could hopefully help some people here who would like to compare those headphones.

I would like to focus on the sound quality and not how the headphones are best suited for (e.g noise cancelling, noise isolation).

I'm not a technical person but I really love many kinds of music.. infact all kinds of music and I'm quite picky of the quality of music that I hear.

So here I go.

Logitech Noise Cancelling Headphones - This heaphone has really a good and quite strong bass. It would satisfy you bass lovers out there. The mids and highs are kinda "thin" though. But it's clear and sharp. Though not as clear and thick compare to the AKG K430. Also not better than the Koss Porta Pro with regards to bass, mids, and highs. But overall you will be pleased with the sound of these headphones. Also, I would like to mention that when the noise cancelling feature of this headphones is turned on, the bass is also improved dramtically.
The hinges are quite fragile so beware.. Mine broke in a short time so I super glued it. After that no more problems. However, after doing that the carrying case is now useless with the headphones because I can no longer fold it.. it really sucks when you really want to use the carrying case. I really want to say a big BOOO for the logitech on that one..

Koss Porta Pro - Nothing much to say.. Except that it has the bass definition of everything I have here. Good Mids and Highs, every details are there, above average than other portables.. Excellent headphones overall. Very easy to tweak in an EQ. Sweet spot is easy to find. I love the Porta Pro than the PX100 in everyway. what I don't like about the Porta Pro is that it leaks out sound a lot.. But like I said when it comes to sound quality:enjoyability ratio, these are my favorite.

Senheisser PX100 - These are really good headphones. Bass, High, and Mids are great. No complain about it. However it's not as good as the Koss Porta Pro. The Koss is better in anyway(Bass, Mids, and Highs) and the Koss Porta Pro is Louder than the PX100. But over all, the PX100 are great headphones. It's just one step down compare to the Koss but it is still great headphones.

AKG K430 - Of all of the headphones/earbuds I listed here, this headphones are the most different of all. The highs and mids are so crystal clear. You don't need to max out your players EQ to get that crispy-clear high frequency sound. The mids are so thick and solid that even the Koss Porta Pro wouldn't touch. Sadly, just when you though everything is perfect, the bass is a step back. The details of the bass are there but it's kinda medium but it's there. But I bet this headphones really deliver what the artist wanted the listener to hear. It's also so sensitive so don't get me wrong about the weak bass part it will satisfy you with the bass(unless you're a bass addict). What I don't want with this headphones is that it has a tendency muffle when you tweaked the equalizer wrong. As I said this is a sensitive earphones and not friendly to people who are not very particular at tweaking the equalizer. But when you have tweaked the equalizer right, it's really good and satisfying and again the mids and high are the BEST of all I listed here.

V-Moda Bass Mix earbuds - Great bass! Very powerful. It's great for bass lovers. The bass is too powerful. But you can always use the EQ. But if you want bass fun you can rely on these small suckers. However the high and mids are not that excellent compare to Koss Porta Pro and Senheisser. But all I can say is.. these earbuds are still great for me. you won't be dissapointed unless you are an audiophile I guess. But all the sounds are there and you won't miss a thing and if you mixed it well in the EQ, it is still a very satisfying earbuds and I would still recommend it.

Personal Opinion(I apologize if my presentation in this part is kinda mixed)

My personal choice when it comes to sound would be the Koss Porta Pro. Why? Because it's better than the Senheisser PX100 (hehe) and the Senheisser will always be just a substitute for the Koss Porta Pro. It also leaks sound just as much as Koss. I have to mention that the PX100 headphones are really not bad, infact they are good to other portables so don't get me wrong. The Senheisser PX100 is the next best thing when you want a Koss Porta Pro.

The mids and highs of the Koss Porta Pro are not better than the AKG K430, but given the deep, detailed and loud but tight bass.. the Porta Pro beats the overall enjoyability of the AKG K430. However the Porta Pro leaks sound a LOT! So I only used this at home or walking around a park and the quite outdoors.

The AKG K430 is closed back so the sound isolation is a step better than the Koss. Also, the AKG K430 is the one I always use when in the office because of the sound isolation(I also wouldn't want to disturb others). Yes it still leaks sound. But only around greater than 70% of the volume. 70% is loud enough volume for me while working. It also has a vloume control on the cable but it does not provide a full mute but it still good have. When you get out in the open world that's the time I crank it up. Also, I would like to mention the AKG is my favorite when watching movies on my PC or Laptop. I love how crispy the sounds are and the bass doesn't over power the experience.

As for the Logitech Noise Cancelling Headphones.. well what's so unique about these headphones?.. You guest it.. it's the noise cancelling! So I use this one whenever I need that noise cancelling feature. Like on a vehicle or plane etc.. But it's also useful at home when there is a strong noisy rain outside or any noise that is continously happening around you.

The v-moda well if I don't want to use headphones, I use this one.. Also it has a great deal of noise isolation and the overall sound is very much satisfying... for me hehe.
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Oct 12, 2009

thanks for the reviews! im also from the Philippines (Manila) and im actually looking for the k430. where did you get yours? i seem to have a hard time finding em...


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