Review: CEntrance DACport Slim DAC/Amp Combo

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by moedawg140, Aug 26, 2015.
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  1. cardeli22
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  2. SomeTechNoob
    U-3C and I have both had the Slim. There's noise floor no matter the combination of volume settings. The volume wheel doesn't affect the noise floor. Neither does setting PC volume levels. The only thing that will change the level of the noise floor is switching between high and low gain. You can still hear the noise floor quite audibly on 32Ohm cans as well as basically every IEM on low gain though. It bothered me enough that I sold both units of mine and jumped over to schiit(which has its fair share of problems as well).
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  3. Fungus
    I've had othing but issues with my dacport slim. I'm starting to wonder if mine is a lemon.
    Can't get it to work with my windows 10 computer nor my lg g6 via otg. My original cigar shaped dacport worked on both Windows 10 and Android phone without installing any drivers)
    Other issues
    -no click of the volume wheel when in off position.
    -no led to indicator off/on.
  4. rikk009
    They were about to release a new driver for Win 10. Check MD discussion for latest update. For OTG, USB C has compatibility issues with some types of otg adapters.
  5. SomeTechNoob
    Volume wheel does not click.

    No LED was advertised.
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  6. U-3C
    True dat.
  7. Fungus
    Where can I find most updated windows 10 driver.
    It doesn't help that site is down. I just send them my details and followed these recommended steps before downloading the linked driver file. No success though.
    I also went to setting- recovery- reset the system and hold F6 to reset driver upon start up but still no luck.

    Un-installing the old driver(s)
    1) Save your work and close all audio apps, including browser
    2) Right-click UD icon in system tray and select 'quit'
    3) Plug in your CEntrance device into the computer
    4) Open Device Manager
    5) Expand Sound, video and game controllers
    6) Right click on CEntrance USB Audio and select "Uninstall"

    7) You will now get the option "Delete the driver software for this device". Check it if you have only one CEntrance device, or it is the last CEntrance device you installed
    8) Click ok, and wait for the uninstaller to finish
    9) Disconnect USB from your CEntrance Device
    10) Repeat steps 3-9 for each CEntrance device you have*. Use the USB port you normally use for your CEntrance device.
    11) Close Device Manager
    Note: If you have more than one HiFi-M8 or Mini-M8, you will need to repeat step 10 for each of them.

    Installing the new driver
    1) Run the New UD installer. This will automatically finish uninstalling the previous version.
    2) Wait for install to finish
    3) Plug in your CEntrance device and wait for install to finish
    4) Done! Universal Driver is now installed.

    Has anyone had any luck getting it to work with usb audio player pro?
    The otg cable I used worked with my other thumb sized dac that's also originally designed for laptop use so it's not the cables fault.
  8. cardeli22
    The website is not but
    Might be your dacportslim. I have no issues with either my desktop (win10pro) or my SurfacePro3 ( win10pro windows insider program slow ring) using the Dacportslim or the Dacportable.
  9. Fungus
    Well, I've downloaded the universal driver and the latest BETA Rev. 7.9.8 for Windows 10 Playback but still no luck.
  10. gvl2016
    Try another USB port maybe? There was a firmware update, perhaps try that as well
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  11. Fungus
    firmware update?
  12. gvl2016
    Yup, I definitely remember loading it on mine. There is a link on teh firmware tab here at the bottom of the page:

    However if you have a more recently manufactured device it likely already has the latest.
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  13. Fungus
    although the centrance icon is displayed in the bottom right menu, I still get the yellow exclamation mark next to the drive in device manager.
  14. Fungus
    I don't understand why dacs this day and age still require drivers to get it woring. It should be just plug and play.
    Sound just comes out of my laptop speakers with the dacport slm plugged in
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  15. gvl2016
    When the device is working properly double-clicking that Centrance icon should open a window showing the picture and name of the detected device.

    2017-12-12 15_12_23-.png
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