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Review: CEntrance DACport Slim DAC/Amp Combo

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by moedawg140, Aug 26, 2015.
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  1. Fungus
    Works only within USB audio player pro?
  2. Letmebefrank
    Yeah it doesn't work with rocket player pro, Google play music, or neutron player,but it works perfectly with USBAPP.
  3. Fungus
    Is the slim essentials the hd but without power?
    Is the dac chip identical?
    Does anyone know of a place to order a working y split otg to charge my phone simultaneously?
    I've purchased a few online but none work.
  4. Letmebefrank
    Your phone has to support charging while in otg mode, most phones do not, and it's really hard to find out without trying it.
  5. cardeli22
  6. rikk009
    Works for me too with OTG cable. No external power. Don't remember what app I was using but it wasn't USBAPP.
  7. Fungus
    too bad it's not USB type c.
    Adding an adapter doesn't work that's way.
    I've encountered many strange results like for example with my LG g6 which has USB type c
    adding a mini to type c adaptor doesn't work
    adding a female 2.0 to type c works even with the adaptor plugged in itself with nothing else. An arrow icon pointing to the right shows up in the battery icon even
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  8. peter123
    FWIW I've been using some Vention USB micro to USB C adapter with my Shanling M1 and several different USB DACs so in my experience it's as likely to work as an USB C to micro cable. Still a hit and miss though...

    To use with a phone I'd strongly suggest getting a amp/dac with internal battery though. Iirc the power consumption of the Slim (which by the way is powerful enough for most headphones) was like 5% per song when connected to a phone......
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  9. rikk009
    There is a Dacportable that has inbuilt battery, supposedly has a lower floor noise and some extra tidbits too.
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  10. Fungus
    The inbuilt battery just adds unnecessary thickness and cost.
    I only need the phone to lasts an hour when driving to work.
  11. cardeli22
  12. U-3C
  13. gvl2016
    Get a compact USB powered hub, some even have micro USB for power connector if not there are USB to barrel connectors out there. Power the HUB from a 5V USB car charging adapter or a USB port if your car has it. Hub to the OTG cable, DAC to the hub. I keep the hub in the armrest storage my car has power outlet there so no clutter . Haven't tried with the dacport but works fine with Emotiva Little Ego, which refuses to work when connected directly to the OTG cable. If only I could make Android not to upsample everything it would be perfect.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2017
  14. cardeli22
    I have been using the AKG K7xx and Beyerdynamic dt 1990 indoors with the Slim, Dacportable and ifi idsd BL. Both headphones are not sensitive iems and with my untrained ear I don't really hear the noise floor. I use the Master & Dynamic MH40 ( 32ohm headphones) with the Dacportable while walking to work but outside city noise would make it hard to detect noise floor. I remember Michael Goodman (Founder of Centrance) commenting on the Massdrop comments section for the Slim that the HD and Dacportable have a lower noise floor. He did say that if you write to Centrance they can make arrangements for anyone who wants to mail back their Slim and they would upgrade their Slim to an HD for the price difference between the two and shipping. The way he may it seem was not a swap out but adding on to your slim whatever components it is missing to upgrade it to an HD.
  15. SomeTechNoob
    HD and Slim has basically the same noise floor from my experience.
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