Review: CEntrance DACport Slim DAC/Amp Combo

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by moedawg140, Aug 26, 2015.
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  1. peter123
    I don't think most people in here agree with your findings and I'm sure that I don't :wink:

    Like you obviously already know this subject should be discussed in another sub forum.
  2. Jimster480
    Yes but no. Almost is not exactly and some units have more detail than others.
    It also really depends on what headphones you have, if you have cheaper or non revealing headphones then more devices will sound the same.
    If you have something like mrspeakers Aeon then you can tell the difference much quicker.
    But also these headphones can be driven from many different sources because of their low impedance.
  3. gvl2016
    Have you been talking to Jimster480 lately? Lol.
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  4. cardeli22
    LOL was about to say the "name that cannot be mentioned".
  5. Porkyan
    My only questions are whether it has clipping with headphones like mrspeakers aeon (since they're new and people wanna know what to pair them with)
  6. Porkyan
    I suppose anyone who goes to r/headphone on reddit or even linustechtips(a very very neutral community) can tell that diminishing returns are diminishing returns and the less wealthy people just want a simple solution. I don't think it's an issue suggesting cheaper alternatives if it works.

    I find no reason to spend thousands on an amp and dac when I can just build a soundproof room with amazing speakers for the same price
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  7. rikk009
    There is no need to repeat the same on every DAC thread. Everyone has heard the statement atleast once and then 'actually' listened to equipments and with capability and sensibility of his/her own has decided what good for them. On a NOS DAC thread some random guy drops in to push his opinion that NOS is bad and those who hear and like it are fake people because some guy says so and then even on reddit there are folks with a religion of their own...'all DACs sound same'. Well good for them, they don't need to buy anything then since whatever outputs music has a DAC and an amp like laptop or phone. Why are you on an audiophile forum if you don't believe in audiophile products?

    Even I can't afford $1000 DAC but those who can would buy it and enjoy their music. I won't tell them what to do with their money since they decided to spend it on some ultra expensive piece of gear and they like it.
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  8. stalepie
    Hans Beekhuyzen in his review on YouTube says it does not have a clipping problem like the DragonFly Red (about 3:30 in):

    He's reviewing the HD version but it's probably true of the Slim too.
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  9. Porkyan
    DACs pretty much do almost an equally good job in most price ranges in cleaning audio.

    But frequency response is another thing.
    Some add brightness,bass etc..
  10. gvl2016
    No one is saying the DACs sound radically different. But it is the nuances in how they render the music that help with long time enjoyment.
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  11. rikk009
    Didn't tag you since don't want to indulge in this futile argument. It was a general comment since I see this on every DAC/amp thread. Not related to the thread and totally derails the topic. Avoiding it.
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  12. stalepie
    One of the benefits of Class A in a device like this is that it functions as a nice handwarmer. However, that's not all! I came back today to find this little critter enjoying it as well... :)

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  13. rikk009
    On the topic of Class A, I remember someone opening and the analysing the circuit and saying it's not class A. False advertising?
  14. Fungus
    Considering the original dacport is equal if not more powerful than the slim and hd and was able to work with just a otg cable and no other power supply to my LG g3 android phone albeit not natively and only within USB audio player pro, I'm surprised nobody so far has gotten it working without an external power source with a y cable. Having so many cables limited the possibility of velcroing it to a phone as it'll most likely end up getting disconnected.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2017
  15. Letmebefrank
    It works fine with just an otg cable out of my galaxy s7 edge and my old galaxy s5 with USB audio player pro.
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