Review: CEntrance DACport Slim DAC/Amp Combo

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by moedawg140, Aug 26, 2015.
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  1. OneL0ve
    Quit stalking me! :alien:
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  2. Jimster480
    Thanks for that!
  3. Porkyan
    Can these run the MrSpeakers Aeons?
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  4. Letmebefrank
    I've been using this little guy in a small setup for listening in my recliner. I've got a raspberry pi 3 with a 2tb hdd feeding flac files to the CEntrance, then a couple adapters to my HD650s. Overall it's a good sound and it sounds so much better than trying to drive the sennheisers out of my phone.
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  5. Jimster480

    That is quite interesting, how do you change the songs/control your playlist?
  6. Letmebefrank
    Using the app Yatse as a remote for it over wifi. You can browse your library and view the queue/now playing etc. I had to get it fully set up and configured to use the CEntrance instead for audio using the GUI via hdmi, then I could unplug from my tv and run it headless.
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  7. rikk009
    Offtopic: How has the leather pads changed the sound?
  8. rikk009
    TBH, bass is not it's strong suit. Comparing to T50s on slim and a dedicated D/A bass feels more flat.
  9. Letmebefrank
    Let me begin by saying I was not looking to change the sound but to stop the velour pads from squeaking on my glasses. These pads are much more comfortable than the stock pads. I love soft leather. To me, the sound changed for the better. A bit more bass and treble. I didn't do any a/b tests or comparison tests because I was willing to accept any sonic changes, good or bad, to eliminate the velour pad squeaking.
  10. Porkyan
    So the centrance affects the bass?
  11. liquidrats
    I have a K7XX and a dacport slim. Do I really necessary need something like schiit magni to bring a more "fuller sound" for it, or I should be fine where I am? I am on high gain and it's pretty loud. But I'm more concern if something like magni would able to bring up the frequencies band up so that is sounds more full..
  12. OneL0ve
    I am a bass head and every device i have paired with my DACport slim has produced lots of bass. I use 64Audio U8s, so maybe that's why. Tested with Note 5, Galaxy Tab S2 and Google Music streams and local files. Also DPX1A with flac and mp3. All on low gain.
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  13. peter123
    FWIW I just tried my Q701's (which may or may not be bass modded, I honestly don't remember if I reversed it or not) and it has strong bass with the Slim. Very nice pairing and I think that the warmer more organic Slim suits it better than the more cold and analytical Magni.
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  14. rikk009
    What else have you compared it with?

    I didn't it's lacking bass but I felt that's it's lesser in quantity when compared to other DACs I tried. Considering that the original question was in regard to Aeon which is a planar and requires ton of power to produce the bass it's capable of 'Slim' might not be able to do it justice.
  15. stalepie
    DACs and amps should sound the same. If they color the sound then they aren't transmitting the sound accurately. In my experience with cheaper dac-amp devices, they sound almost exactly the same. The issue comes more with things like, do they have a high noise floor, do they get loud enough for the headphones used, does the volume control work nicely, are the jacks snug or loose, does it work well with the PC or operating system (no driver issues, etc). But the sound itself is virtually the same across all of them. So far I've tried A200p ($300), HA-P50 ($200), HRT microStreamer ($189), Schiit Fulla 1 and 2 (<$100), a $15 PCM2704 board off eBay from Hong Kong, and this CEntrance product from Massdrop. They all sound almost identical. But people don't want to admit this or talk about it because they spend so much money in this area. Apparently you can even get in trouble on this forum for talking about blind-testing unless it's in the Sound Science section, and I already got warned by a mod for mentioning NwAvGuy.
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