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[REVIEW] Beyerdynamic XP Series: Beyer Storm the Budget Market!

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  1. SpringBiscuit

    Really? didnt know that, i thought only jaben exclusive, guess Beyerdynamic is trying the market respond for their new IEM 
  2. Swimsonny
    Yeh it was on the facebook page when someone asked about them. They said we are the on sellers for 6 months.
  3. fhuang
    thanks for the review.
    we have a jaben shop here in hong kong.  i'll check with them see if they have them. 
  4. the tiny bus
    any comparisons to other low end IEMs?  I am ordering the xp1. 
  5. Swimsonny
    When i have time i may do some but busy at the moment.
    You will love em!
    Was a pleasure.
    Yeh go check them out there, you will be impressed i am sure! Let us know how it goes
  6. SpringBiscuit

    Low end such as?
    If for direct comparison, usually it will compare with similar price range such as the Jay A-Jay series, V-sonic GR02, Sennheiser CX300-II.
    Beyer XP series have the upper hand due to their 3 models design.
  7. BeyerAlan
    Quick FYI regarding the XP Series.. this product group will only be available in Asia. There are no plans to offer in the U.S. market.
  8. Swimsonny
    Thats quite a shame as these are such a god product line. Well lucky asia like always ahah/
  9. the tiny bus
    I think my sense of low end is skewed.  Somewhere between slightly more and 10 bucks I guess would be helpful.  I constantly second guess myself thinking that if I spend 5-20 dollars more I'm going to get that much more.  I'm mostly trying to figure out where things I've heard match up against things I haven't.  I killed my gym IEMs so these will slide into that slot.
  10. SpringBiscuit

    Aww didnt know that, thought beyerdynamic going to sell it worldwide.
    Anyway since i stay in Asia, a big plus to me!
  11. walabies
    I guess stock could travel worldwide... no matter it is from Asia or North America etc... We have convenient courier system nowadays.
  12. Swimsonny
    We do indeed and Jaben ship worldwide so fear not, i was just hoping they would be easily available worldwide as if these were in UK store
    s for example, may help  more people find this community etc.
  13. SpringBiscuit
    that might make the shipping issue slightly more troublesome, and it is not widely available for demo due to stock supply.
    However lets see how well this product can break through, at least i believe it can be a brand new market segment for beyer in consumer IEM, to experience different market needs and develop a much more efficient products line. 
  14. Choon Beng
    Yes, at the moment if your country doesnt have Jaben available, contact Jaben Singapore is the only way for worldwide shipping, as Singapore has better deal for shipping charge.
  15. SpringBiscuit
    haha, luckily my country has Jaben in it.

    Seem beyerdynamic is hitting hard in the market.

    With XP series for multiple sounds, now they having Custom pro series for same design also.
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