Review: Anedio D1 DAC - my new reference DAC
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Thanks all.

Happy Camper: The Bryston BHA-1 sounds perfect and the price for the version with the onboard psu is right at my preferred price point (1300 - 1400). I see on TTVJ there is a version without an onboard psu for 1100 but the external psu is 1700!?! So I wonder if there is audible difference and how much. There is an authorized vendor an hour away from me (without traffic...) so I might be able to bring my rig and do a test drive.

project86: I have been interested in the Violectric for quite a while as you guys are aware so I won't count that out. The price is great.

Kevin: The Peak/Volcano would be cheaper than the BHA-1/MPS-2 combo and I've read a lot of great things about it...

I really wish I was still on the east coast at this point so I could work a mini-meet. :wink: Maybe I'll head down to Portland and do some listening.

Thanks for the replies! :D

EDIT: According to a reply from a Bryston rep to a query from one of our fellow headphoneaholics the BHA-1 without the psu is just a money saver for those who already own a MPS-2. Inferentially, this would mean there is no degradation in sound quality. I won't be spending 135 percent (sic) more to see if that's true... I do understand what offboard psus offer depending on amp board layout/shielding.

Sigh... I should wait for a big Pacific northwest meet.
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Just delete or modify if this post breaks any rules--I'm not here often so ... 
I of course am very familiar with the D1 using its internal amp, and want one for an incoming Amperior and especially for the DBA 02 MKII. Thoughts on this choice, suggestions? The plan is to buy once and be happy with whatever I have--no more no cycle of buying/selling, just gain an improvement and listen to music. I will use it direct from source (MBP).
Also from my experience a pre-owned D1, no matter its demand or popularity hyped value, is worth about $600-625 shipped in the U.S. Before spending anything more, shouldn't I just go ahead and get a Cetrance Hifi-M8? Or am I wrong on this?
Please advise.

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