Review: Analog Design Labs Svetlana 2 tube headphone amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by project86, Jul 6, 2011.
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  1. project86 Contributor
    Cool, thanks for being the guinea pig for me! I know as audiophiles we are conditioned to want to roll tubes, and to automatically expect an improvement when buying some rare gem of a tube. But thankfully that isn't always the best way to go - sometimes stock tubes are quite nice!
  2. cky8
    Oh well it comes with good and bad times. Now I just wished I could have spend that money on something else.. [​IMG]
    Stock tubes in this context may seem like uninteresting tubes. But the two Russian tubes in question 6N1P-EV and 6N6P-I are simply good Russian tubes. With the former being mil spec. Kim had very good reasons choosing these two and was very nice to answer my other questions about the Svetlana 2 as well.
    Aside from local Koreans buying their amps, you are probably not going to see their amps outside that much. So consider yourself special if you own one of their excellent amps!
    Slightly offtopic. I have heard that their upcoming USB Tube DAC should be launched this winter.
  3. project86 Contributor
    What else did Kim say, in response to your other questions? Anything interesting?
    The USB Tube DAC was supposed to be out late last year, I guess they are really turning it into something ambitious. 
  4. snappyd
    Ok, so work has been killer and lost track of this thread completely.
    Quick follow up wiht the Beyer T70s... not my thing at all. Good headphones but to up-front/big/punchy/etc. for me. Just using them as a youtube headphone at work.
    So catching up on this thread and all the talk is the W3000ANV... Ordered mine yesterday afternoon (Aus time) and got them just now.
    I have the W5000 and as much as like them they seems to be missing something. Started looking at Fostex TH-900 and Ultrasone Signature Pro, but the descriptions of the W3000s won me over. This review below comparing W5000 and W3000 sold them for me (along with plenty of other threads/comments):

    Obviously just starting to burn them in now so won't go into review mode yet. Already like them and burn-in should mean I'll like more in 50-100 hours time =)
    Tighter fit that the 5000s. Probably loosen up over time but very noticable to me.
  5. project86 Contributor
    Nice! The Svetlana sounds great with a variety of headphones but I do think the Audio Technica Woodies are a match made in heaven. 
  6. uelover
    I wonder how many head-fiers actually own this amp =)
  7. project86 Contributor
    So far I only know of myself, cky8, and you (when it arrives). [​IMG]
  8. daigo
    I remember being intrigued by it when I first read your review in this post, especially since I'm a big AT fan.  However, the cost of entry without too many other impressions, and not having a chance to first try it out put this in the back burner for me.  Hopefully they do establish a stateside distributor so it is more accessible soon, as I am looking to pick up a new amp sometime this year. 
  9. uelover
    Actually I saw this in one of the post earlier. So, maybe make it 4? Haha.
    I agree with you. I did gave this amp a deep thought for 6 months before finally putting the courage to order it. It is not cheap, but if it turns out to be a great match for the W3000ANV, I think it will be worth it. I sold my Matrix M-Stage in anticipation for this, partly because the internal headphone amp of my Benchmark DAC is good enough.
  10. Pudu
    Dude, hurry up! :p

    I'm weighing this one against the V200, and I need your take - which I think will double the amount of first hand W3kANV + Svetlana 2 impressions I've been able to find (thanks for yours cky8).
  11. project86 Contributor
    The folks at AD Labs seem to enjoy the combo - they post pics to taunt us.
  12. Pudu
    I know, bastards!

    Personally I think they're just going by cky8's impressions ....

    OR ... :ph34r: cky8 is in fact the head-fi pseudonym of AD's media relations manager!

    Dun dun dun!
  13. daigo
    I'll be interested in your impressions of the amp, for sure.  While I'm pretty happy with my budget DAC and amp set up, this headphone hobby is all about curiosity and trying new things, whether it be music or gear. 
  14. project86 Contributor
    Or.... they discovered (as have I) that the Svetlana 2 pairs exceptionally well with Audio Technica woodies. It did a good job with the AD2000 too, but not as good as with the woodies. 
  15. uelover
    Project86 is the one who has both the V200 and the Svetlana 2! When I get the Svetlana 2 I will pair it with my Benchmark DAC1. The Benchmark DAC1 won't add further color to the sound of the Svetlana 2 so I guess it will give me quite an accurate picture of how the W3000ANV will sound like on the Svetlana 2.
    Why not just pull the trigger right away? The lead time is 1 month + the burn in time at your home [​IMG]
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