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Review: 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone with In-line Microphone and Remote

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  1. bobeau
  2. TooPoorForHiFi
    Any idea why these run at such a low price?
  3. bobeau
    "1More is a subsidiary brand of the Xiaomi Company in China (more recently known as Mi). Xiaomi was founded in 2010 by entrepreneur Lei Jun – and he had a simple but compelling vision – that high-quality technology shouldn’t have to cost a fortune.
    So Jun Lei assembled a group of partners from a multitude of the top global technology companies – and his vision began to take shape.  Mi now has multiple product lines spanning smartphones, tablets, televisions, accessories like power banks, and of course audio devices including headphones and earphones."

    One thing to note also is Xiaomi is founded by an ex-Amazon exec (through an acquisition was essentially the 'founder' of Amazon China), as well its international ops are handled by a prominent ex-Google exec.  So it has some silicon valley ethos, so-to-speak to its approach.  It's a 6 year old company with a market cap near $50b, built exclusively to commoditize high-end-like products to capture the huge emergent middle class in china (high volume supply-chain, trickle down tech).  That this is pretty great for the price is no fluke.

  4. kevinkar
    I recently bought a pair of these triple-driver buds and liked them immediately.
    I have paired them with my Fiio X5 2nd gen which is, in my opinion, ever so slightly muddy sounding (like I'm listening through a few layers of fabric) but I've gotten used to it over the last few months and generally listen using either a really inexpensive set of Sony MDREX10LP IEMs which I've used for years.  They are a bit bright but very consistent with all types of music and counter the slight muddy X5 so that the player sounds right to me.  Of course this is bound to be due to the "lower quality" smaller drivers weighted toward the high end.  But when I compare the sound to my home stereo (Marantz AV7005), it sounds right.
    I also have been using a newer pair of Sony XBA-H1 IEMs which do sound slightly better than the MDREX10LP as they seem to be fuller and have more range, reproducing higher highs and lower lows but are also ever so slightly towards the muddy side.  This is more likely due to the lower end being more prominent due to the bigger/newer/hybrid drivers.  When paired with the X5, that means more muddy sound but that's likely due to comparing them to the brighter MDREX10LP.  So, if I use one or the other set of IEMs, for a while I do get used to them so that both ultimately sound right to me though one is indeed brighter and one is indeed muddier when changing between them.
    I have nothing really remarkable to add to anyone else's opinions of the 1 More Triple but I will say these sound neutral to me and they are also weighted slightly towards the treble and sound brighter to me with the X5 especially when compared to the XBA-H1 but are also fuller and are more towards the low end as compared to the MDREX10LP.  So they are basically in the middle of my two mainstays and, to me, sound neutral in comparison.  Oh, and I had no problems sticking with the default tips and did not have to change to any of the supplied options.
    So to me, they sound just fine, are about equal to the XBA-H1 (roughly same price depending on when you buy them) though a bit brighter, but not 6 times better than the MDREX10LP (you can get the MDREX10LP for about $15.)  Sure, you may laugh and say the cheap Sony IEMs are garbage but I've been using them a long time and they never make me stop and think "Wait, does that sound right???" while any higher end IEMs I've tried or eventually bought always make me wonder what I'm hearing and, when listening, I want to think about the music, not about whether it sounds right.  When it sounds right, it sounds RIGHT.
    My only complaints are that the plug is straight, not 90 degree (both Sonys are), the nylon cord wrap does not extend all the way to the buds as that would help with the microphonics everyone complains about (I don't think the 1More Triple is any worse than any other IEM but they could be better if the wrap went all the way to the buds) and, though the controls/mic are on the right hand bud, I would have preferred they add a bump on one of the buds so you know by touch which one is left and right.  Most IEMs seem to leave off such a simple tactile device which exists on the MDREX10LP and I always know in the dark which bud goes in which ear.  OH, and I too have to up the volume on the X5II to equal the output of the Sony IEMs.  Not by a lot (3-4 steps) but enough to probably reduce battery life per charge due to the increased power needed.  Understood as I'm powering 3 drivers now but still....
    Otherwise, these sound totally fine, very neutral and are well worth the price.  I'm glad I bought them.
    Sorry for the long-winded mini-review in someone else's thread.
  5. moedawg140 Contributor
    No worries, kevinkar, thank you for your thoughts. I too own the Sony MDR-EX15LP, and in my opinion it is one of the better under $15 earphones on the market. I compared it to another much more expensive in-ear, which shall not be mentioned.
  6. ButchP
    I would love to be able to give the 1More triple a good workout. Unfortunately my Nexus 6P phone simply does not have enough volume for me to formulate an opinion as to how they might sound. My home office system consists of Schiit Bifrost DAC, Lyr2 Amp, Sennheiser HD 650 cans. I Tried using 2 different 1/8" to 1/4" adapters in order to listen to these with the Lyr2. For some reason I do not get any sound when I plug the Triple's 1/8" inch jack into the 1/4" adapter, which is in turn plugged into the Lyr 2. Has anyone else on this thread experienced problems using an adapter with these IEM's?
  7. Cinder

    I find it odd that you can't use it with you Nexus. My Nexus 6P drives it loudly enough to cause hearing damage.
  8. ButchP
    When I first plugged into my phone I could just barely hear that music was playing. The phone's volume was at max. I went into my player and turned the volume up as far as it would go. I could then hear the music but it's about the equivalent of a full size speaker playing at about 70db from 2 meters away. The sound just wasn't loud enough to really enjoy. My Audio App has gain settings for different sources and by experimenting with it I was able to improve things a little but still sounds lifeless. I'm working on a solution which involves audio over USB and a Dragonfly DAC. That should solve my phone's weak audio. Now I need to find out what adapter I need for the Lyr 2 in order to adequately judge the sound quality of the Triple.
  9. Cinder
    That's very strange. I just re-listened to my 1MTD and I the loudest volume I can listen at is 10, and even that is uncomfortable. 
  10. Peddler
    I find these headphones to be reasonably efficient - I would suggest that either you have a faulty plug, cable or connection somewhere along the signal path.
    Alternatively they may have got wet and there's a blockage in there somewhere - perhaps leave them in a sealed container of desiccant such as rice or a few of the little packets you get with pretty much everything these days.
    Just a thought - hopefully it might help
    Cinder likes this.
  11. warrenpchi Administrator
    [​IMG]  Why not?
  12. ButchP
    The phone and the IEMs are less than a month old. Niether has been exposed to moisture. I'm beginning to believe that perhaps these earphones have a manufacturing defect. Not being able to get them to function with a 1/4" adapter is maybe an indication that something ain't right?
  13. moedawg140 Contributor

    Is the Triple Driver the only earphone that you own (especially with the third pole) that doesn't function with your 1/4" adapter?
  14. doggiemom
    Thanks for the review!  Your reviews are always fun to read - nice to find someone whose writing is not so dry and analytical, like this is the Wall Street Journal or something.  [​IMG]
    I see the $59.99 Costco deal is live.  You convinced me to pull the trigger.
  15. moedawg140 Contributor

    You're most welcome! Thanks for the kudos - analytical reviews are great for what they are -- I try to incorporate a little of fun but still inform the reader as best as I can about the reviewed product. No matter what, with newer reviews anyone can check out new tracks that they might not have heard about otherwise.

    $59.99 for a triple driver IEM. Simply amazing!

    Cheers, and hope to meet you in NYC!
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