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Review: 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone with In-line Microphone and Remote

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  1. Cinder
    Sorry, I meant that the DAC's output is mostly linear, not that the 1More sounds linear when powered by the Pixel. The 1More retains its warm sounds signature.
  2. twiceboss

    I dont have any idea about pixel but it should be good enough. But yeah, idk about how bright it is since i love to pair my 1more to any bright amp. Ok to me, 1more can be too bloated with mid bass if it is paired with warm amp. That's why i like to pair it with any bright amp.

    For now, the brightest i have for my 1more is my ipad mini 4. Mojo... not that good. Even i connect my ipad with mojo, still it is not good enough to my ears. Just ipad alone is better.

    Right now, i feel like my hd800 is sooooo not fun sounding when my ears get used to 1more. I maybe gonna try AQ nighthawk soon since it also has warm signature.
  3. Dustboonies
    Wow didn't realize they were that good!  Speaking of the HD800's, would you recommend those over the Audeze LCD-2's?  I'm thinking about picking up a pair of either of the above but still can't make up my mind!
  4. bobeau
    I've been using these for about a week now and am totally blown away.   I haven't been keeping up with the low end world over the past few years and only have some TG!334 and IE800s in my stable right now.  I *had* some custom Roxannes up until a few months ago when some of the drivers died in one earpiece.
    Long story short, they're great all-arounders, have excellent resolution, and are rather comfortable, punching far above their price bracket.  I tend to like somewhat warmer/more fun sounds, and they do this without sounding *too* colored or bloated.  Treble is polite but still present, which isn't particularly bad, definitely prefer that to sibilance. Have only used them through the headphone out of my '16 13" MBP, but tried them briefly out of a Concero HP which altered the sound a bit, can't say better or worse (they sounded more muscular and forward).  
    Have a Chord Mojo on the way to try out, which I'll be using against these and the 334s and IE800s.  Eventually I will probably be getting some JH13v2s and I think these will be great backups, plus they have a mic for conference calls so win there.
  5. bbender716
    Got my 1More IEMs this week, using with my Pixel primarily. Just wow. Still trying to find the right tips (ruled out their memory foam ones and now running through their silicone options before springing for Comply). For what it's worth, there's some amazing sound mods / libraries / etc. that can work with Pixel if that's your thing.
  6. TooPoorForHiFi
    So... there aren't any other Earphones out there that sounds better under $100 right...?
  7. Cinder
    Depends on what kind of sound signature you like. I personally prefer a much brighter sound signature, so I prefer the Macaw GT100s, despite the fact that it has slightly worse detail retrieval. The fact of the matter is, it costs $55, so I'm not complaining. 
  8. TooPoorForHiFi
    Would you say the 1MORE has a FUN sounding Sig.? and a good all rounder ?
  9. Peddler
    I think 1More have really nailed it with their triple drivers. I love their fit and metal construction and the sound quality is truly remarkable for the price. In fact, I personally feel that these are easily as good as the excellent Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10's - slightly different sound signature but pretty much the same resolution. What's more, the fit is better and there's remote controls on the cable. 
    I think 1More is definitely the company to watch - really looking forward to their really 'high end' products I think they're currently working on (hoping).
  10. TooPoorForHiFi
    How does the 1MORE compare to the Pinnacle P1 ?
  11. Dustboonies
    Definitely.  It's U shaped sound signature makes it a fun pair of earbuds and with the quality you're getting, you can't go wrong.  I find it great for all kinds of music although I haven't tried it with much classical as I don't have any classical on my phone and when I'm home at my computer I use my HD600's.
  12. egzbuen

    Still enjoying mine. After burn in, it became more neutral than warm. Definitely better synergy with x7 than my older x5i

    Sent from Nokia 3210
  13. zyzyx
    hey, this is probably posted previously and / or elsewhere but these are $20 off online at Costco now
  14. TooPoorForHiFi
    I'm not a fan of that color, Are there any deals like that for the Titanium Color version?
  15. bobeau
    A couple weeks back I got an open box titanium from Amazon for $62.  It was in "very good" condition in the description, saying that it had a minor aesthetic issue, but there are none I can find.
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