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Reversible AKG K701 bass mod

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by papamogl, Apr 18, 2013.
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  1. Dafo

    The k701 is a magnificant headphone with this mod. I never would have thought about using the k701 for movies, but after this mod it is perfect for it, plenty of deep bass rumble when called for, clear voices and perfect soundstage combined with superb long term comfort :)
  2. Dafo

    Use an awl for grip in the grille and put it in a hole as close to the edge as possible as mentioned above. Try all around the grille, first try at 12 o'clock, then 3 o'clock, then 6 o'clock... at some point you will apply maximum stress to where the grille is tight... and in the end it will come loose.
  3. Shaffer

    I did the mod on my K702 last night and agree completely. It's like finding an Easter egg. lol
  4. Arctia
    After a day with this mod, I can see why some people prefer "colored" headphones. The standard K701 is just... too flat, too clean, and no bass impact, which translates to NO FUN for a lot of people. 
    I can't believe I'm saying this now, but I'm listening to Rock music with K701 and I ENJOY it. The mod definitely boosted certain frequencies that make the bass and drums sound DELICIOUS. This is done without sacrificing K701's famous soundstage.
    The only cost is imaging. I may not have an un-modified K701 to compare, I still have my HD800. I'm very well aware of the differences between an unmodified K701 and HD800. The unmodified K701 and HD800 are like two gentlemen sipping tea. The modified K701 is the once gentleman ripping off his suit.
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  5. Titonine
    Hi Dafo, I tried again and finally the grill is coming out. Thank you!
  6. kuished
    Agree with others above. This simple mod does AMAZING things to the K701. It's so much more fun to listen to, whereas the unmodified K701 sounds lifeless in comparison.
  7. tkteo
    The mod works. Thank you.
  8. Shaffer
    Anyone try this with K712?
  9. deadspider187
    the k712 already has increased bass response compared to the k/q701's so it likely would become too bassy for most people.
  10. Shaffer

    That's why I was asking. K7XX too bassy? Be still my heart! :)
  11. scottzg
    I pulled the bass port stickers and put them back in a couple times over the last few days.  I think i'm leaving them in place, you lose the incredible instrument separation and detail in the bass, and the bassyness can be regained with EQ.  If i had no EQ or was just watching movies i'd leave them off.  Pulling the EQ up 5-7db in the 60hz region does a better job than this mod, i think.
  12. silentmoon
    Hello Dafo !

    According to your post, you really mean after the modification, only the bass is affected ? I've owned AKG K702 and K701. Could u pls tell me if your modded 701 sounds the same as 702 ? I'm about to mod it right away if it sounds different :D
  13. Dafo

    I believe the k701 and k702 sound the same. The only difference is the detachable cable on the k702.
    According to these measurements they should be quite identical:



    With this mod I only hear a substantial change in the bass and no change in the mids and highs. Try modding one side first and then listen to some different music with only one side modded. That should make it quite easy to hear what is changed with the mod.
    Hope this helps you.
  14. Ashade

    There is a very subtle increase in the low mids as well, but I had to A/B a modded and standard version to notice it.
  15. Dafo

    That is probably why this mod sounds so natural on the k701. That subtle increase in the lower mids makes the transition from lows to mids more harmonic and smooth I guess.
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