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Revamp Acoustics

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nmatheis, Feb 11, 2017.
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  1. Dark Helmet
    Found one in my stash and I must it's what i have been waiting for. It gives better mid punch and punch in general with the P1. Thanks for the heads up. Great pairing with the IT01.
  2. Dark Helmet
    That sentence is so true in spades! I fewl like this player leapt forward another notch with this opamp.
  3. mrmax
    Any chance of a new batch of p1’s soon? Sad imissed the boat.
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  4. noknok23
    Do someone knows if there is any issue with the P1 driving multi driver IEM? I can't seems to find it's output impedance in the spec sheet
  5. HiFlight
    It drove my IT03 just fine.
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  6. nmatheis Contributor
    A personal communication with TJ indicated that the output impedance is less than 1 ohm which means that they should play nicely with hybrid and multi-BA IEM. My experience with multiple pairs of hybrid and multi-BA IEM validates this.
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  7. noknok23
    thanks for the reply, I have tested my first hybrid IEMs with this dap and it sounds very good. A little heads up to @HiFlight to recommend the JRC2068 op amp. The sound is soo clean using these!! There is a tad more treble (maybe it's my earphones...) but the dynamics and imaging is just so good. Feels like being in an auditorium. Very nice alternative from the MUSES02 "rock concert" sound. I didn't like the Burson V5i so much, it's too fast and higher mid focused for my taste.
    I've been using the HE150PRO with the P1 for the last month, it's a very capable earbuds that scales well. it has reacted so nicely to the 2068 op amp, I couldn't believe it.

    edit:I found the 2068D to have some treble peak on very specific scenario. im back on the MUSES02, because my current main earphones (the hifiboy dream) have a good amount of treble and airy sound and not so much bass. Its not optimum in some case although its very nice with classical and acoustic.
    Please share if you find any other op-amp worth mentioning :)

    I also found out that the P1 can play Flac with compression level 8 just fine. I noticed some distortion with very few tracks, but those are vinyl RIP so I assume the gain was set a bit too high when converting to digital.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2018
  8. tjstyle
    Hi all,

    Sorry for slow response and if any unanswered questions in past 1 month.
    I March 2018, I'm busy for preparing test unit of Tambora (headphone) for PAFI 2018 (Indonesian Headphone Exhibition).
    I will update the info about Tambora specifications in here soon.

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  9. HiFlight
    I am sure that it will be outstanding!! Looking forward to further info down the road!
  10. rcoleman1
  11. stellarelephant
    Stunning looks.
  12. tjstyle
    Update, I was post Pre-Order page in Revamp Acoustics webstore
  13. rcoleman1
    Definitely gonna order a Tambora @tjstyle. I've been considering an affordable open planar. Awaiting sound impressions.
  14. tjstyle
    Actually, some impression is available by user that was test Tambora in PAFI 2018 Exhibition. but mostly in facebook and in Indonesian language.
    @nino9 also was test Tambora, maybe can give impression here.

  15. nino9
    I had a nice time at the recent PAFI.

    Some pics first:
    tambora (1).jpg tambora (3).jpg tambora (4).jpg
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