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Revamp Acoustics

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nmatheis, Feb 11, 2017.
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  1. Dark Helmet
    Yes. It could have done it before, but I just noticed it with my FA Heaven IV.
  2. tjstyle
    I don't have any idea for now about distortion problem. do you have another opamp for test?
  3. Dark Helmet
    Yes I'll try it out.
  4. hongky
    Why some P1 can use V5i perfectly and some distort ?
    Some kind of power related ?
  5. tjstyle
    I can't say anything about that now because I also was test my #001 with V5i, and no distortion at all.
    If P1 user from Indonesia have problem with distortion when using V5i, please sent to me for me test and try solving that problem.
  6. noknok23
    @tjstyle how difficult would it be to implement .opus audio format in the P1? it's free open source, at least two times more efficient than mp3 in SQ with a very small footprint, both is size and cpu usage.
    all the tools and info can be found here https://www.opus-codec.org. Just wondering if that is feasible, thank you
  7. Sapientiam
    Reading the opus FAQ at your link I'm not seeing the claim you've made (twice as efficient as mp3). Seems its optimized for lowest latency (delay) which is something not particularly important in a music player. Its notable that opus doesn't support 44k1 directly so any RBCD material would need resampling.
  8. noknok23

    here is one test http://listening-test.coresv.net/results.htm twice as efficient may be an overstatement from my part, from what I could gather, a 192kb/s opus files is equivalent to a 320kb/s mp3, of course this is subjective,
    I overlooked the absence of native 44.1khz support. not sure if it's big deal with nowadays resampling algorithms? I am not expert on this subject.
    Opus has been adopted as a web standard and is currently used by youtube, soundcloud, spotify among others,
    If it's easy to implement, it could save storage, battery life and the transition would be painless since its already natively supported by windows/mac/linux android/ios
  9. Sapientiam
    If the comparison of 192k opus was against 320k mp3 and there was no subjective difference that would be a datapoint. However 320k mp3 would be constant bit-rate, whereas a variable bit rate mp3 (where the max is 320k) may well be the same size as a 192k opus and sound no different. Its quite possible that opus' apparent advantage is coming from its flexibility in handling a wide variety of bit-rates.
    A resampling algorithm still takes up CPU resources on something 'bare-metal' as TJ has in his P1 - both MIPs and flash memory space. This could only mean a downside for battery life, having to do more processing.
  10. tjstyle
    Let me find some information about opus, because previously I know opus is more used for voice compression.
    I will update any information later.
    noknok23 likes this.
  11. noknok23
    thank you Tj

    by the way, I want to say, for the curious waiting for a new batch of nuansa P1, definitely go get the amp, the A1. I can't live without it now, the sound is so good from these, bring the best out of any earbuds I own. I tried out of my zishan z2 line out for a bit and I didn't hear an obvious downgrade compare to nuansa P1 line out. Made me wonder if I would have been satisfied enough with the A1 alone.
    With high gain, i only need to go below 50% of volume to feed 600ohm earbuds on high volume.

    I wouldn't call the sound neutral, it is rich and detailed, with body. on the warm side, very musical. tames the peaks an earphone could have.
    Similar to the nuansa P1 sound signature perhaps but more mature and lean.
    I believe I heard for the first time how the VE Duke was intended to sound like with this amp.
    on a general note, If I could compare the nuansa house sound to aune m1s, it is much more versatile and musical.
    For example an old folk rock production would sound dry and thin out of the aune, a vintage production with "blurry" synthesizer (Gigi Masin) would be overly sharp.
    It just sounds great and natural out of nuansa gear. Feels like hearing it the way it should be.
    With modern "Hi-Fi" productions (like Bjork) and classical, the aune sounds still excellent and maybe be of better value.
    aune is comparable to a top end 4K monitor picture
    nuansa more like a master painting from the classical era
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  12. Dark Helmet
    What do you like about the 2068 over the ADA4004-2?
  13. HiFlight
    It is more lifelike tonally without any spikes in the mids or highs. Extremely even in response from lows through highs. Lots of space and a very clean background.
    noknok23 likes this.
  14. Dark Helmet
    Does it have more punch than the 4004 and the Muses 02?
  15. Dark Helmet
    @tjstyle Any chance of being able to implement FFW and RWD of tracks? It's a nice feature when you are trying to audition headgear and you want to hear specific passages in a song.
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