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Revamp Acoustics

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nmatheis, Feb 11, 2017.
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  1. gr8soundz
    True. My P1's green light works at times but no lights after charging completes. Doesn't bother me though. Mine has otherwise been very reliable despite it's handmade roots.
  2. HiFlight
    Mine started by red light on plus green light on and off at about 5 second intervals. Now I get a short flash of red light when I plug in the charger then nothing. I am using a JRC2068 opamp and it sounds really fine. I have been mostly using mine via line-out to my desktop amp.
  3. Dark Helmet
    Saw your signature and wanted to know how you like the New Primacy?
  4. HiFlight
    I didn't care for them at all. IMO, an unnatural tonal balance that just didn't work for me. I quickly returned them and replaced them with the Periodic Beryllium which I very much like.
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  5. Dark Helmet
    Have you tried the Final Audio Heaven IV?
  6. HiFlight
    No but I have owned the Heaven VI and the PF IX. I didn't care for the flat cable of the Heaven although they did vocal very well.
  7. tjstyle
    The development on hold, but will still continue after Planar Magnetic Headphone project is finish.
    It's hold because I need to very take care about hardware design to support every type of DAC Chip.
    Also I need take care about enclosure, the mechanical thing need extra development to support interchangeable battery. I have much trouble when shipping P1 and A1 because battery.
    So I think upcoming DAP need to use interchangeable battery. Currently I will use 18650 type of battery.

    The charging process should be no problem as long the red light is on, green light sometime is not very accurate but I can't control that from processor because charging process is controlled by IC itself. charging above 6 hour should be not problem to get battery fully charged.

    Short flash red light then completely off?
    I'm afraid the IC charger is broken, please tell me when the battery is low (red notification light fading, not red charger led in side of usb). then you try to charge over night, are the charging process is okay or not.
    If after charging over night the battery still low, so the IC charger is broken.

    I hope the IC charger is not broken, because that need to send here to repair. or get someone that can resoldering a broken IC charger.

    Last edited: Jan 10, 2018
  8. tjstyle
    Sorry because I'm not seeing this question before.
    The logo is changed for easier thru-hole cutting in products (if needed), with previous logo it only can engraved. for cutting, it will hard to keeping inner square of RA in place.:disappointed_relieved:

  9. tjstyle
    Just want to updating the progress of Headphone project.

    After finalizing and choosing a driver design (80mm and 90mm version) finally I'm choosing 90mm version of driver.

    Currently the prototype is using Sonokeling (rosewood), but in production I also will use another type of wood.
    Pads material will using lambskin, but the pads design still not yet finish, I need choosing between flat and angled.
    Also if choosing angled, I need to deciding the best degree of angle.
    Because the sound stage and bass response is very much impacted for every degree changed.
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  10. gr8soundz
    @tjstyle thanks for the updates.

    I agree with your idea of needing a swap-able battery since I had to wait a few weeks for my P1's battery to arrive separately. Even if we need to ship the P1 back for repairs, the battery probably needs to be removed first.

    Despite the wonky lights, I don't recall anyone saying their P1 isn't charging. My red light is fine and I've only noticed the green light was sometimes off after charging. At last charge, the green light was solid until I finally removed the usb cable. Perhaps the cable wasn't fully seated other times. It's a bit tricky to insert while trying to avoid stressing the connector (don't want any damage over time).

    The planars look good so far. Not a fan of scarce lemo connectors though (assuming that's what I see in the prototype pics; hopefully you can put standard 3.5mm connectors for production). I'm sure we can wait patiently until they're done (along with you other projects). Since the P1 I find myself waiting for Revamp versions of products. I passed on getting a different Nutube amp since I know you're working on one. Same with new daps. I know eventually you will release that rare R2R dap, probably at a much lower price compared to the relentless gouging by other brands.
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  11. tjstyle
    It's not Lemo connector, it's similar circular connector, but more used in aviation.
    I don't have plan to use 3.5mm, because I want to keep the headphone cup slim and compact.
    Because a 3.5mm female socket is long enough, I don't want to sacrifice to expanding thickness of wood cup that will also add more weight.
    Only 2 option in my design, using 2.5mm female socket (this also slightly long connector) or the current aviation socket.

    You can see how this socket work:

    About a Nutube, actually the development of hardware was done.
    Nutube act as preamp, with input and output buffered using matched JFET 2SK389, then I use true ClassA amplifier for output.
    But the true challenge is how to make damping and mechanical in enclosure, to reduce microphonic effect in Nutube.

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  12. Dark Helmet
    My P1 distorts very bad when I put the Burson V5i opamp in there. Noticed some distortion on a transient passage in a song today with the Muses 02 as well.
  13. tjstyle
    Are distortion with Muses02 is happened before you put V5i ?
  14. hongky
    I also have distortion using V5i (I have 2 V5i and both distort in P1), but fine with Muses02
  15. nmatheis Contributor
    I don't have distortion with Burson v5i.

    Regarding the planars, I vote for using 2.5mm connectors so I can use my balanced aftermarket cables...
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