Resolved: Composition Window and Pages Cut Off
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jun 14, 2010
It's been a few days and there is a minor sizing issue of some kind. I it noticed immediately but figured it may be one of those things still being fixed. In any case on my android phone and chrome browser I see that sub-forum listings are slightly clipped as well as the quick reply box at the bottom of a page.




Some older threads are cut off and not fully readable in either portrait or landscape orientation.

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I have a slight left-shift on desktop Safari as well, which stays even after posting.

Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 3.07.26 pm.png
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Agreed. I too am seeing the exact same ‘left cutoff’ problem on iPhone.

Even with this exact post. I have to basically guess what I typed to the left, and hope that I spelled everything ok.

I attached a photo of this post to show.

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So a few more small problems I've noticed:

1. Certain posts with links do not 'word wrap' correctly and are not visible or scrollable.
2. Signatures do not display.
3. Number of posts & likes no longer display next to avatar & below usernames.

Android phone on 10/Q, latest update chrome browser.

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I'm also having problems on the desktop Safari browser. I can only see a single page of posts and often can't see posts above mine. Also the page counter is gone so I can't move forward or back in a thread. Finally, like count is missing when on iOS Safari. I'm having no problems with FireFox
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We've merged a few threads together for this issue. At this time, the issue appears to be impacting mobile and "tablet" resolutions. Our team is currently investigating a possible fix to roll out in a future update. Thank you everyone for your patience, and we appreciate the reports to help us squash these bugs.
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