Request for new 0404 USB users needing help
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jan 1, 2006
I answer quite a few questions about the 0404 USB on the forum, but many more via PM's. Most of the answers are actually clearly covered in the latest manual for the device.

Apparently some of the newer units are shipping with at least an outdated hard copy manual and likely an older version of the installation CD.

The newest release of the driver install package on the E-MU site includes an updated pdf version of the manual that is much more complete. It includes quite a bit of information on setting up the 0404 USB than the original print manual. On top of that, all indications so far are that the new driver is just fine, so there's no reason not to install it.

You can access the new manual by opening the E-MU Control Panel, clicking Help, and then Launch Manual. If that simply opens up a My Computer window showing the Program Files\Creative Professional\E-MY 0404 USB folder, open the Documents folder, then open the "manual.pdf" file, dated 10/26/2007.

If you have a question that isn't covered in the manual, I am glad to assist in any way I can...but please try the manual first.
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got a link for the changelog for the updated drivers? I'm pretty sure I never got around to updating the drivers off their site.
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AFAIK, E-MU hasn't posted a changelog for the newest release. The readme.txt's that are on the site or in the Documents folder after installation don't address the specific changes, either.

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