replay gain?
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Jan 17, 2008
from what I got here, digital volume control reduce bit depth right?

but the replay gain is very useful for me, is there any convenient substitute for this? My musics are really up and down
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If you have a good sound card, you probably have plenty of headroom for digital attenuation before you even begin to lose quality from CD audio. You don't want to reduce the volume by insane amounts because it does raise the noise floor, but using replay gain should be fine.
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In both Rockbox and Foobar it's a great way to protect your ears. Carefully choose a volume level that your ears can handle and stick with it. Othewise you have to constantly adjust and the tendancy can be to listen louder over a long session.

There is no substitute that will bring that same reliable benefit - reliable assuming you choose a proper volume level in the first place.

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