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Replacing my Current Lineup with just a WH-1000XM2/3? Crazy?

  1. Centropolis
    I am in the market for an active NC wireless headphones and based on my research, these are the best ones to get overall compared to QC35 ii and B&W PX. In order to fund this purchase, I am thinking to sell off a couple of my current non-BT/ANC headphones.

    I've read enough to know that for a wireless ANC headphones, these sound very good. But I am curious to find out how well they perform sound quality wise when wired without taking BT and ANC features into considerations (i.e. using them as a regular wired headphones). Reasons being that I want to replace one or two of my HPs in my current lineup with these, and if I am not losing a lot of sound quality, then I am happy to sell of 2 of them to fund this. I want to know what traditional wired headphones' sound quality would compared to the XM2/3 wired. I assume almost half of the cost of the XM2/3 would be put towards the "extras" such as BT and ANC.

    Phones I am considering selling to replace with the XM2/3: HD600, HD598 and/or AKG K551. I assume a wired XM2/3 won't sound as good as a properly amped HD600? Does it sound at least as good as a HD598? How does the XM2/3 wired sound quality compared to other popularly recommended wired headphones (M50x, DT880, DT700 etc.)?

    Would appreciate any comments on this from you guys!
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2018
  2. VAS07
    Hi there here is my recommendation for you would be these monsters:

    For best sound get Sennheiser HD1
    For best ANC Bose QC35II (better and deeper earcups and connects to 2 devices simultaneously or Sony 1000XM3 sound better then QC but less comfortable and only 1 device at a time connection).

    And here two of the best sounding bluetooth at the moment little bit over $400 but who knows, black Friday in 9 days we may get lucky!

    Bowers & Wilkins P7 wireless
    B&O Beoplay H9i

    There is also one new player on the field, and everyone raving about (over $600) Beyerdynamic AMIRON Wireless.
  3. ohsigmachi
    I have A/B'd my XM2's with my friends QC35s and we both chose the Sonys. They were just better in every way. Better sound, fit, more comfort, lighter feeling on your head.

    I pair my XM2s with my LG V30 so LDAC decoding with MQA support through Tidal means absolute highest resolution digital is being sent, decoded, and rendered.
  4. Centropolis
    Thanks for the comments so far. I think I may have not worded my questions clear. I have already decided on a pair of XM2s as my first and only BT/ANC headphones. I really want to know when the XM2 is used wired, how the sound quality is compared to other typically recommended wired headphones such as HD600, HE400i, DT880, DT990, M50x etc. (not how the XM2 is compared with other wireless headphones).

    The reason I ask is I am thinking of selling one or two pairs of my current headphones to fund the XM2 purchase IF the XM2 will be sound just as good as a decent pair of wired non-BT headphones. I don't need to keep that many headphones that are around the same "league".

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