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Replacing HD-650's with IEM's for travelling

  1. king756
    I currently own a pair of HD-650's and Shure SE215's. My main source will be a MacBook Pro with a Dragonfly 1.2 DAC.
    I'm due to go traveling doing the digital nomad lifestyle, everything I own in a 40lt carry on. The HD-650's are to big to take unfortunately and being open back are not ideal for travel, I really like the Shure's for the excellent noise isolation, portability and being robust. I have been using them in the office but the sound is considerably lacking when compared to the HD-650's . The 215's sound muted / closed compared to the more open HD-650's. Listening to losseless tracks on Qobuz you can hear parts of a song on the 650's missing from the 215's so I am looking to sell both pairs and get some better IEM's as a compromise.
    Does anyone one have any suggestions on IEM's to look at. Sound isolation is important, also comfort, the Shure's fit perfectly where I've had some Etymotic er6i's a long time ago and didn't fit to well as I have a small ear canal. I'd want to spend £3-400 at most. Will I get something comparable to the HD-650's in that price range? The wildcard is the SE846's but I'm trying to talk myself out of it as £779 is a lot of money for a pair of headphones when you're living out of a bag.
  2. Spionner
    why no 1964 v6 :D if u can w8
  3. Gagarin
    JH16pros :wink:
  4. Spionner
    That's 2 times the money o.o and i don't think is twice the SQ
  5. Gagarin
    I have the Null Audio Elpis 3 from Singapore, and it sounds like the HD650. It has a dynamic driver for bass, and 2 BA drivers for the rest of the frequencies. 

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