Replacing cap in MAD Ear+
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Mar 7, 2006
I built my Ear+ a few weeks ago now, but when building it I messed up and damaged one of the capacitors. It's the one labeled C6 in the wiring diagram here:

Due to a mix up I ended up ordering a couple of replacements. When the first one arrived I stuck it in and have been using the amp happily since. The cap I got though was a different make to the one that came supplied with the kit. Just a few days ago though the 2nd cap I ordered arrived and it's the exact same make/model as the one supplied with the kit.

Can someone look at that diagram and tell me whether the quality of that cap will have any bearing on the sound from the amp? I don't want to open the thing up and start swapping components if it's not going to change anything.

Thanks for any assistance!

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