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Replacement tips NOT comply - Sennheiser MM-70i

  1. halcyon
    Does anybody know of foam replacement tips NOT manufactured by Comply that fit Sennheiser MM-70i?
    The tips must have a fairly wide hole, as MM-50i and MM-70i have a wide hole. Most of the standard ones (Westone, Etymotic, etc) do not fit, even with a lot of violence (I've tried).
    I'm especially looking for long tips, like the Comply P, but not made by Comply.
    (Please don't ask 'why not comply'. It's a personal preference issue)
    Has anybody found a decently priced source, on eBay or esp. in Europe?
  2. davidcotton
    Tried the diy approach?  Just get a load of cheap earplugs of amazon or local store and cut them in half, use a hole punch or something similar to create the hole and hey presto.  Do a search, loads of threads on this.
  3. halcyon
    Good idea, thanks. Will consider this. I'm not even thinking of cutting them in half. I want long tips as the ones in MM70 (the silicone ones) are way too short.
  4. halcyon
    Any other ideas? Pre-made, esp. long tips? eBay seems to draw a blank on this one.

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