Replacement (Semi) Portable Dac/Amp for HD650
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Oct 18, 2009
The holidays are rolling around and i'm looking into getting a new amp/DAC for my HD650s. I have a Fiio E17 lying around but it no longer workd. It was an original pre-order and the headphone jack stopped working. While i originally filed an RMA i was never able to ship it due to being busy with classes so it's been lying around unused since.
Lately i've felt something is missing when trying to run my HD650 from the front panel audio of my PC and so grabbing another amp/DAC for christmas is something i was considering. THis is what i was thinking so far:
- Grab another E17 and use it portably as i could haul it around in my backpack to use with my phone and laptop. Plus it's a little cheaper than the other options.
- Grab a Schiit Modi and Magni and just keep them on my desk. This eliminates the portability but i rarely use my HD650 in public (don't want to annoy people) and don't usually use an amp on my SE530  and i'm not looking into getting closed-backs any time soon since sub-$300 closed backs (was originally lookng at K551) seem not to be worth it. This option is about $80 more expensive if you include the PYST cables.
Any input or other recommendations would be appreciated. At this point i'm mostly debating whether i need the portability or not.

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