Replacement Pads for the Ultrasone HFI 580?
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So do the dt 250 velour pads work on the ultrasones?


Yes, although you might have to stretch them a little.
And how much does the sound change?

Hardly at all.
better or worse?

That's subjective. The main point of using these pads is for comfort - not a change in sound. Be aware that they will also take away a good bit of isolation.
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Yeah, I changed mine out for the velours and find them much more comfortable. I sweat easily, so the pleather ones were always getting damp. 
They are a bit of a stretch, but it looks just fine. You basically just peel the pleather pads out of the grooves around the edges of the cups. They should slip off with a bit of finagling. You install the new ones by reversing that process. 
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Oh okay it seems fairly easy! COuple mroe questions! 

how long did it take for your velour pads to get to you cuz it says something about delayed shipping and whats a pretty cheap but decent mp3 player taht works well with the ultrasone hfi 580. w/o amp
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When I ordered them, it took about a week but there was no mention of delayed shipping.
I use mine out of an iPod Classic 160GB and it works just fine. When I hook it up to a full-amp, it sounds better and fuller, but you'll get about 80% of the performance out of the iPod Classic. When I hook it up to the iPod Nano (current generation), it sounds really thin and the volume needs to be turned all the way up. 
I'd imagine the Cowon players will be better at driving the 580s un-amped. I don't have any experience with them other than the two that I listed though as I'm really not very knowledgable on the subject of DAPs other than the two that I own. Hopefully someone else can chime in with their experiences with other DAPs. 
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I'd say my Cowon J3 drives them at 95% at least. I could barely tell a difference when they were amped.

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