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Replacement for Sennheiser HD565 Ovatation

  1. discboy
    Hello .I am needing to renew my 565's which must be at least 10 years old and are very worn and shabby..I love the sound which I would describe as clear..lean and exciting..in contrast to my 650's ..which I also love which sound laid back with a full plump bass...

    I would like the new phones to have exactly the same sound as the old 565's and was wandering if the 595 would fit the bill?..or even perhaps another make ?...many thanks for any suggestions! [​IMG]
  2. PhilW
    Hi Discoboy,

    Personally I would say that the HD555 would be closer in terms of sonic performance, especially as the frequency response is very similar to those of the 565's. If however you wanted a slight step up and keep the warmth then I would look at the HD595.

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