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Replacement for IEM nozzle screen?

  1. moleface
    I was cleaning the ear wax off my Nuforce NE700X nozzles with rubbing alcohol, and it turns out that the screens come off extremely easily. The rubbing alcohol must've dissolved whatever weak adhesive was holding them on in the first place.
    They stay in place without adhesive when I stick them back in place, but they're prone to moving slightly out of place when I'm running and then partially blocking the sound. It's annoying - i'll be out exercising, then suddenly one side will become extremely muffled and I'll have to stop, take them out, and put the screen back in position with a pair of tweezers.
    Any ideas for what I could use as replacements? I was thinking cotton or foam, but that would probably muffle the high frequencies too much.
  2. KimChee
    I think Hifiman used to sell a kit with the sticky nozzles you could put over the nozzles for an REO.  I dunno if it'd fit your but its worth a shot.

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