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Replacement for Cowon J3

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by mbphotox, Mar 19, 2019.
  1. mbphotox
    I'm looking for a replacement for my trusted and beloved Cowon J3 for travelling.

    I do own a FiiO X5II, but I don't really find much of an audible difference when riding in a train/plane. It does, however, fail to last a single day, which is a real buzzkill for me!

    What am I looking for:
    - A player with super long (50+ hours on mp3 tracks) battery life
    (need not be super light, because carrying my X5II with powerbank is close to 500g.)
    - 24bit Flac capability (I don't hear a difference, but I don't want to convert my files to 16bit either)

    I don't need fancy eqs, balanced output, huge touch screen, got no need for amp cards, dsd support, 1TB internal memory, or sabre flagship DAC chips...

    ...phones used:
    I use the iBasso IT01 IEM and my Beyerdynamic DT1350 (replaced my HD25-1/II a few years ago) when travelling.

    Afaik, there's not much need for super strong amping, since the J3 doesn't go beyond 20 - 25 (volume) with the iBasso, or ~30 - 35 with the DT1350.

    So far, my current favorite would be a Plenue D, but Im open for other recommendations.

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