Replacement Cables for Massdrop x Noble X IEMs

  1. squee116
    I recently just received a pair of massdrop noble x's, and I was pretty happy with them, but the cable seems to have died, as I have push and contort the connector to receive momentary audio out of both channels, else wise my right channel is dead. No other headphones I have are having issues with that same connector.

    So now, I have to decide if its worth sending back to them for a whole new set of IEMs, or if I can just get a cheap replacement cable sent to me overnight via amazon prime or something similar. IEMs w/ replaceable cables are a new thing for me, so I defer to the judgment of the forum. Buying a stock replacement cable would be 50$, which is a bit much. I was hoping to find a generic replacement for under 20, or else I'm probably sending them back.
  2. baojin
  3. Thor71
    I had the same issue with mine. Wrote to Massdrop customer service and they were so kind to refund me 50$+shipping costs so I was able to order another set of cables directly from Noble. I put some money on and ordered the ultra-thin version, awesome set of cables. :thumbsup:
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  4. squee116
    They sent me a return label and RMA label, so I replaced the set with a whole new pair, and things have been great since.

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