Replacement cable for Soundmagic HP100 headphones?
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Feb 1, 2021
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Have owned these headphones for years and the cable wires are getting exposed so it's on it's last legs even though it still sounds fantastic.
Am not a huge bass fan and whilst it can handle bass it is great on the trebles IMO. I really don't want to replace them as I:
a) can't afford to and
b) doubt I will find headphones at the price point that I can afford and
c) these new headphones will probably pack it in too and I'm back to square one.
I haven't used them heavily but the cable is coiled and this has hastened the rubber breaking down on them.
All the official soundmagic cables have sold out-am guessing they've been discontinued?

These cables have been recommended by others with the same issue USD$32.00 - 1.5m Silver Plated 3.5mm To 3.5mm Earphone Cable For Beyerdynamic Custom one pro Headphone - lunashops online shop and apparently work fine but I will have to pay for shipping to the UK as well as import duties so it starts to get a bit stupid.

I bought these Syncwire Aux Cable 3.5mm Audio Cable –3.3ft/1M- Nylon Braided Aux Lead for Car, Headphone, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, MP3 Player, Smartphone, Echo Dot, Tablet, Home Stereos, Laptop and More – Black: Computers & Accessories thinking they would work but no such luck. Does anyone know why they wouldn't and why the more expensive cable does work? Looks like they have the same jacks etc.

Any help would be greatly appreaciated, have been searching for ages and am sooooo frustrated by all this. I could spend £££ trying to get the ones above but they will be about as expensive as a new pair of headphones by the time I pay for them!

Thanks in advance,


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