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Replacement AKG K450 Cable?

  1. RunOfTheDill
    Does anywhere no where I can get a replacement cable for these.  My long one shorted out so now im using the short one with an extender.  In case you guys dont know, the 450's have this weird 2.5 jack that you have to spin to lock, its quite annoying.  Any help would be appreciated.
  2. RunOfTheDill
    noone has anything.
  3. Marcuss
    Sorry have the same problem
  4. mrenard
  5. tinduy
    Hi, I had the same problem, and I live in Norway(thought I had to buy new ones). My tips is to contact AKG personally by sending them a mail. They will redirect you if you contact the wrong person since the mailaddress varies from country to country. Then they'll refer you to a local store where you can buy the cable. Of course it implies that your local dealer must import them, If not, I don't know what to do...
    The cables from ebay listed by mrenard are not original cables. However haven't tried them. Looks like they're compatible with the headphones.

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