Repairing go-vibe petite portable amplifier
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Jun 3, 2008
I believe that this should be posted in this section of the forum. Is there anyone here skilled enough to diagnose and guide me on how i should repair my go-vibe petite?
The issue is that the input socket does not have a good connection with the input jack eg. whenever i put the input jack into the socket, i get various problems:
1. The output is weak.
2. There is only sound on 1 side.
3. The sound is unbalanced.
However, all this issues go away with i force the input jack upwards into a firm position.
Is there anyone here skilled enough to tell and guide me on what i can do to fix this issue?
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^ what Pars said.
As for it, clean up the excess solder blocking the PCB holes, place new jack in, solder it.
Find out what the part is and order the same part, you will need it for the panel fitting.
I like to use the flooding method.  Flood all the pins with solder, which will liquify all the joints, and pull out the jack.
Clean up with a solder wick, can be tricky if it gets stuck inside.  Might have to put more solder in, and flux on top, and wick again.
Once clean, put new jack in, and apply new solder.
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Uh, im totally new to diying, i do have all the tools required for soldering but i do not quite understand some of the terms used here. May i knows whats a solder wick? "Might have to put more solder in, and flux on top, and wick again" also kinda leaves me clueless.

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