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Repairing a pair of UM1s? And if not suggested replacements?

  1. matt_sid
    I bought a pair of UM1s several years ago and after about a year of very happy usage one earphone suddenly fizzled out, due to what I presumed was sweat from the gym.
    After opting for several cheaper IEMs I've decided to invest in a new pair of decent phones again, but to my surprise the UM1s are still very highly recommended for my price range and am considering buying exactly the same phones again, until it occurred to me that there might be a faint possibility that the 'broken' pair could be fixed.
    So I dug the old UM1s out and now there is absolutely nothing coming out of either ear piece.
    So my question is, what could have been the cause for this. And is there any way I could possibly try and diagnose the problem and fix them myself. I figure I have nothing to lose in taking them apart.
    If there is no hope what would people recommend as worthy successors. So far I've read favorable reviews on the UM1s the Shure SE215's and the Klipsch SR6.
    I loved the sound separation of the balanced armature on the UM1s but kind of missed the bass. My main music listening is Indie/Rock.
    Any advice or recommendations on either question would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. matt_sid
    Sorry meant Klipsch s4

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