Repair of Sony MDR-X05 wires - Has a volume control and it looks like a track control too. Y Junction broke (stepped on)
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Apr 25, 2015
I got these headphones free.
The guy who gave them to me. He stepped on the "Y" housing and said "Buh-Bye" to his fancy expensive headphones that turns out he got for free. Easy come easy go. I have expirience in soldering, surface mount etc, so I figured I would give it a go. My laymans brain said there might be an impedence or ohm problem soldering up wires (like matching ohms and such in car audio/speaker setups). But in all honesty it probably doesnt have an effect as it takes the least resistant route, but I do think resistance matters and thats why these wires are so tiny.
Last night I cut open the Y and tried stripping the main flat insulation off to get at the wires on all 3 ends.
Twisting them together and isolated them with tape. No Go! Google and Youtube said use a Bic Lighter (the others say microtorch trying to sound better then the rest) to get rid of the very minimal ever so slight insulation paint covering to discourage shortening within flat main insulation. Did so and it works. Twisted the red-red, green-green, small gold to small gold (R-gnd) to small gold (L-gnd) to main line gnd and whatever the larger gold is to each other. Its just coming off the link with volume control on it, to main branch line to plugin. I figured its the volume control wire because thats the only thing that doesnt work. The mic works fine, I tested it after googling "Testing Headphone Mic".
I would love for the volume to work. I did put the two larger wires together, doesnt work. However I got a Linux Xubuntu on a old Dell Inspiron 1525 with the Sony's plugged into that. I am thinking its either my laptop, so I download tunes onto my phone and try. Or I need to hook it up to an existing wire, or theres a wire I havent found within the main flat insulation.
Whats the best way to permanently connect and protect the splices?
Solder doesnt seem to work, I think I tried it with some odd silver solder, I did not clean it. Only have Brake Kleen. Will try that. Wipe it down good, solder. I have 60/40 larger diameter solder I will use, has cleaning stuff inside core. If it sticks I will use a melt glue gun with small amount of glue, then find something to sandwich the splice, put all splices together, find a good way to keep them all together with minimal extra diameter. Then the final protection will be significant.
Found this site, not much help
Edit: OK Good news, I can get the select button to work. I was wondering why there was a white string inside some of the gold wires. Turns out theres some strands of wire within the white string or it might be insulation paint thinking about it some more. I thought it was a insulation stripper strand, or perhaps a rigidity string. Oh well. I will isolate the Select Button wires and go from there.

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