Regulated powersupply for ODAC?

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  1. Acke
    I owned the ODAC rev b+O2 combo for a while and I decided I wanted to DIY a new amp so I'm preparing to build a Heed Canamp clone

    Im not sure if the ODAC needs to be upgraded, I will see how it sounds with the new amp, but I found some people saying they had noticeable improvements in SQ from building an external regulated supply for it. this was for the original ODAC, not a rev b.

    Anyone try anything like this?
  2. tomb
    I suspect a DoodleBug would provide a noticeable performance improvement, but I thought the ODAC was as good as it gets, anyway? Sorry, couldn't resist that one.

    Yes, anything providing a regulated power supply to a USB-powered DAC would probably improve the sound quality by virtue of the cleaner power supply.
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