Regulated Power Supply kits on Ebay any good for us?
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Parts Express offers Velleman kits for about $13. They seem slightly more robust than these kits. While the velleman kits don't include a transformer, you can get a nice one (nicer than in the ebay kit) from PE for $5 (search under toroidal).

Moreover, you can get all of the parts to build this PS from DigiKey for about $8. You need a LM317, a big cap (like 2200uF/50V) a couple of small caps (film caps of 1uF and 0.1uF), 4 diodes (1n4003, or similar), and the resistors to set the voltage. Oh, and a transformer. DigiKey's are expensive, but Radio Shack carries cheap ones that will be sufficient.

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you can also get tangent's tread kit sans transformer for a decent price too
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Originally Posted by dsavitsk
Parts Express offers Velleman kits for about $13.

The TREAD was designed in part to correct problems with the Velleman board, so it's probably a better choice, tangent offers a kit with higher quality parts for I think $15. I've built both and the TREAD is a superior product.

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