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Regrets... And Need some advice on Grado upgrade please.

  1. Paul Graham
    Well its one of those weeks where I've realised how much I enjoyed something and wish I hadn't sold it lol
    Im talking about my Grado SR60's. Not particularly high end I know...
    I've juste started my own business, We're getting married in just under 5 weeks time, Moving in 7 weeks time and saving for a Subaru Impreza WRX Sti Bugeye Wagon.
    So Im selling a lot of unwanted gear etc to regain some funds for the move and the car.
    I've been doing really well until I sold the Grado's...
    One of my best friends has them now and is enjoying them which in itself is awesome and 
    Im glad they're going to good use :) 
    But I keep going to grab them the past few days and each time Im a little gutted they're gone!
    Ok I have the SA5K's and My Beyer's but I really miss having a pair of Grado's.
    So once the new year has begun and things are a bit easier financially Im going to get a new pair, But this time I want to upgrade to 
    a higher ended set.
    Any recommendations please???
    I listen to literally all sorts. 
    And the amp I'll be running them with will be the Little Dot MKIII. ( Eventually )
  2. akong
    If you liked the SR60 sound, then why not upgrade to a higher end Grado? You'll still get that Grado house sound you love, but more refined (smoother, less treble, tighter bass, etc.). I have and love the 225is. 
    If you're looking for something that sounds different, the Beyerdynamic 770s, Sennheiser 598s, and Sennheiser Momentum do well with "literally all sorts". 
  3. Mad Max
    He's already got a 770.
    x2 SR225i, also consider SR325is.
  4. Paul Graham
    Yeh I already have some Beyer's, Plus I did say I want to upgrade to some higher ended Grado's.
    Max, Apart from price tag, What are the differences between the 225i and 325i?
  5. austonia Contributor
    my suggestion is to buy a pair of custom woody grados from the F/S forum. they appear fairly often and can be had for $150 or so. i've bought 3 over the years and always been happy with the price/performance value.
  6. Paul Graham
    This sounds like a pretty damned good idea actually! :) 
    Always had a soft spot for the woody's. they do look VERY VERY nice don't they?! 
  7. whirlwind
    325is has a leather headband and metal cups...the build quality is better.
    If I was upgrading from an SR60i, I would go no lower down the chain than the 225i.
    I understand what you are saying about not having the Grado to reach for....I know I would miss mine also.
  8. akong
    The 325is are more aggressive and have a harsher treble. I prefer the smoother, more refined (to my ears) yet still lively sound of the 225is. Of course, if you have the budget you should go higher on the Grado chain. It's just a question of if you have the funds. 
    Yes, the custom woodies look absolutely amazing. If you do decide to get them, you should get here: 
    Martin comes with my HIGHEST recommendation. His craftsmanship is gorgeous, and his customer service is unparalleled. He'll work with you to build you a custom set based on what you want it to look like, which results in some truly unique and beautiful headphones. 
    The newest, first post on the page (the Malaysian Ebony 225is) are mine, and I could not be happier. You should spend some time digging through the blog to get a feel for what kind of model you're looking for. Again, highly highly recommended. You will not be disappointed. 
  9. Mad Max
    SR325is is a bit cleaner and more refined with better bass extension after adding Dynamat to the rears of the drivers.  225i is lighter in weight and makes for a better portable, which is why I got it.  I haven't compared stock 325 to 225.  Both have depthless soundstaging, unlike SR60/80/125.
    From what I've read, stock 325 is harsher in the treble and has better bass than 225.  Both are pretty much harsh-free and cleaner-sounding after dynamating the drivers.  Either way, they still retain all that makes them special and, well, Grados.  Unless you love the harshness and grain.
  10. austonia Contributor
  11. Claritas
    If you know you really liked SR60, why not simply buy a replacement? You might prefer it to a "better" Grado. I prefer 60i to 325is (but 225i is my favorite).

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