Regina Spektor-FAR
May 23, 2009 at 5:11 AM Post #2 of 17
I think she's below most folks radar yet - I don't think for long, though. I just picked up Begin to Hope, now I'm stoked she has something new soon!

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Oh my god,i can't wait for this album!!! 23 of june is just to damn anyone else excited or is just me?

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A few songs from Begin to Hope seem to find their way to my playlist always so, no, you're not alone. I'll be waiting with you
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Picked up the Deluxe version on Saturday (on sale last week at Target)

Very nice. Highly recommended to RS fans, and to all lovers of female vocalists.
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It's been on Rhapsody for about a week. I think you can listen to a few tracks for free even if you don't have an account, if you can't wait for the album release.
Jul 1, 2009 at 10:47 AM Post #12 of 17
I was a bit surprised at how much I disliked it. Eet is okay, as is Laughing With, but everything else falls short of her past works. A lot of my favorites are putting out bombs this year. Tori Amos, Depeche Mode and now Regina. But, I am happily finding solace in the new St. Vincent album Actor. =)
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Wow, tough crowd.

I think it does a much better job of blending her quirkiness found in the first few albums with some improved songwriting and pop sensibilities than Begin to Hope. I thought that album had a few decent tracks, but was too polished and didn't have many deep cuts. Far has a bunch of great tracks, start to finish, and while being a more refined, accessible album than say 11:11 or even Soviet Kitsch, it still lets her little idiosyncrasies shine through. Begin to Hope moved to the top of her discography for me when it first came out, primarily due to "Fidelity" and "On The Radio", but the album lacked staying power, and now those are really the only two songs I revisit regularly. Far may not have anything that grabs you right off like those tracks, but as is often the case, the ones that take longer to get under your skin stay there longer.
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I'm in Ireland at the moment so I was actually able to snag it a couple days early.

I'm surprised at the negative comments so far. As a self-proclaimed Reginaphile, I would pay to listen to Regina sneeze for an hour. Perhaps I'm not the one to give an unbiased assessment of Far, but I urge anyone who has enjoyed her previous work to give Far a fair listen and not judge based on first impressions. While I never disliked the album to begin with, it has definitely grown on me. Ever since 11:11, I have had to adjust to Regina's evolving sound, and this album is no exception. Make no mistake, it is vintage Regina, but like all her work, this album is completely atypical to what's on the radio, no pun intended. For me, this was worth the three year wait.

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