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Originally Posted by granodemostasa /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I have quite a bit of respect for headroom. more than anything, you guys seem to take headphones apart and are not afraid to go against the grain when you really have an opinion.

while I always test out headphones before purchasing them, I just don't have that opportunity with the ultimate ears customs.

Here is my question: do you guys regard the triple fi 10 as the same as the UE 10? does the UE 11 provide an HD650 to the HD600 like UE10 or is the difference more like that found between an HP1 and a GS1000? so far i'm very confused as to whether the UE 11 just has "more bass" and therefore a "richer" presentation, or whether there is a real improvement in voicing.

thank you

Hello David,

I own a set of UE11 myself but have never heard the UE10 so likely Tyll will have to chime in here -- he's got 'em both!
.... My own comparison between the UE Triple.Fi and UE11 reveal completely different signatures with the UE11 CERTAINLY being the better detailed and also a significantly 'warmer' listening experience w/o question. I will hazard to add that the upper highs do seem quite close in both earphones but the UE11 has phenomenal texture and resolution throughout the rest of the audio spectrum that easily bests the Triple.Fis imho.

However, whether or not the "richer" tonal perspective [which does deliver more bass presence & punch against the UE10] of the UE11 represents a technically 'improved' sound remains up to the ear of the beholder but, FWIW, Tyll's said he'd reach for the UE11s everytime over his UE10s!

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I've got the 10s and the 5s. If the UE11 is anything like those in character then they're not near as rich and euphonic as the Senns. I put them more in line with the AKG K701s, which I own. Fed by my Woo WA6, they all have very transparent mids which deliver excellent timbral accuracy. They DO need a good amp to sound their absolute best, but they're hunky-dorry straight out of my iPhone.

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bump, still looking for someone who's heard both...
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There are demo versions of the UE-11 and UE-10 (with a universal-fit adaptor or Comply tips). They look like this
UE11 Custom, UE5 Customs...from

If Ultimate Ears is going to be at this year's headphone event on Aug 24 at the Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society monthly meet, you can try it there. Mike from UE brought a pair last year.
Los Angeles/Orange County Audio Society

It's worth the drive from No Cal to So Cal for this if you like headphones, and you can hear the demo version for yourself.

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