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Refurbished Sale by Vibro Labs

  1. Luke Pighetti
    Refurbished Sale
    We have a lot of recovered armatures from our upgrade program.​

    It's time for them to find a new home... in your "new" earphone!​




    Sera – $299 (from $399)​

    Aria – $399 (from $499)​

    Maya – $549 (from $699)​



    Refurbished earphones are either returned items, blemished items, or made to order with recovered armatures.​

    Recovered armatures come from previously used earphones that went through our upgrade program.​

    All refurbished earphones go through standard quality control checks.​


    The Disclaimer

    Refurbished items are not eligible for: returns or our upgrade program.

    Cable upgrades or custom earphones are not included in the refurb sale.

    The sale will continue until all refurbs are sold.





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