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Red Wine Audio

  1. tmarshl
    I know that many of you know this, but I just had to add my 2 cents:

    I have been a customer of Vinnie's for a number of years, and always found his products to be truly breakthrough, and great value as well.

    But in addition to great product, I have to give sincere kudos to Vinnie for the way that he conducts his business.  I will always recommend Vinnie and Red Wine Audio to my friends, and look forward to remaining a loyal customer for years to come.

    BTW, I don't normally write this sort of laudatory post, but Vinnie goes way beyond the norm for his customers.

  2. tink97
    Hey tom,
    Yeah Vinnie has top notch service in my book.  i used to own an Isabellina HPA LFP edition and he was always great to deal with.  just me added 2 cents already heh
  3. tmarshl
  4. fitmartin
    I agree wholeheartedly! I reside in a remote mountain area of British Columbia Canada and Vinnie has been amazing through the whole purchasing/shipping and responding to questions phases of my amplifier upgrade to Red Wine Signature 15 integrated.
    Looking forward to tube rolling and much pleasure over the future years with this product.
    From the first 30 minutes after powering up I knew this was an excellent decision!
    My ZU speakers are a perfect match for the power, inner detail and black noise floor of this wonderful amplifier.
    One should have no reservations and full confidence in this line of products and kind, professional, and honest individual.
    Martin Michael
    Kootenay Mountains
    South Eastern Interior
    British Columbia
  5. onlychild
    I had purchased an Isabellina Amp/Dac from Vinnie and the entire experience was great.  I must have asked Vinnie a thousand questions before and after the purchase and he answered all of them without a hint of annoyance.  I can get very annoying with all my questions.  
    In the end, I ended up returning the Isabellina after 20 days.  It was a great amp/dac, but the sound was not for me.  Too neutral for my taste.  When I requested a refund, Vinnie immediately replied, "Sorry it did not work out for you, please just ship it back."   Few days later the money was back in my account.  Now that is what I call service!!  No questions asked return policy without any BS on why I did not like it or what he could do to make me keep it, or other attempts to sell me something else.
    Needless to say, I did end up purchasing something else from Vinnie (a "b" mod for my AK120).
  6. cladane
    I bought also a B AK120 mod paired with my Mk3 but I told Vinnie that sound is saturated on high trebles and deep bass (very audible with K3003 iems).
    I don't explain if it is a problem due to Mk3 inputs (SE or Balanced) saturation because of the modified AK120 impedance or voltage output.
    I haven't compared with a standard AK120.
    What is your experience ?
  7. brhfl
    I'll give Vinnie a shout-out as well... Bought my Sig 16 from him earlier this year, which I love... Had a minor snag with it, which he rectified in record time. Through my communication with him, it seemed quite apparent that he was really in it for the sound... Seems like a great guy, the product is top-notch, and customer service was all I could hope for. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend RWA to anyone.
  8. cladane
    Also from me. Problems with my RWAK120-B sounding distorted. Vinnie asked the device back, heared the problem and changed both Wolfson chips. Unit now at the top. People at RWA are very concerned.
  9. kahldog
    I agree with all the praise in the previous posts. I love the RWAK100 mod Vinnie did for me. It sounds so great I am almost afraid to use it in case I break it. Crazy!
  10. HPDJ
    Ohhhhhh alright, I'll chime in and say I'm a HUGE fan of RWA! I have the Signature 16 running with my desktop speakers and my LCD 2's and the amp is fantastic with my set-up!
    Vinnie is wonderful to deal with and (most importantly to me) he is first and foremost all about the music. The Sig 16 just moves out of the way and let's my music do it's thang :)
  11. bluewrx1025
    I have to write great feedback for all that Vinnie has done for me. I recently sent in my RWAK100 to have the S mod done. Turnaround time was amazingly fast. I received my RWAK100-S about a week after I sent it. I immediately opened the package and was excited to listen to it, only to realize the unit didn't turn on or charge. Even after using several cables and charging platforms. I emailed Vinnie and promptly received an email back helping me in trying a couple different things to try and get my RWAK100-S to turn on. After several attempts, the unit would still not turn on. Vinnie instructed me to send the unit straight to him and he would get it straightened out ASAP. Well the day he received it, he fixed it with a battery disconnect/reset and shipped it quickly back to me. Everything is working great and the unit sounds amazing. I just want to say thank you to Vinnie and Red Wine Audio for the amazing audio and customer service you provide. I will definitely be a repeat customer and refer friends to you. :)
  12. MattHoyle
    I purchased an iMod about a year ago largely because of all the great reviews I saw on this site. I, like the original poster, do not generally write reviews, but after a terrible experience with Vinnie and the iMod I thought I would drop a line here.  After 2 months my iMod completely died.  It took RedWineAudio nearly 2 months to repair the device.  After another 2 months, it broke again, only keeping a charge for a couple hours.  I sent it in again to Vinnie, where it was forgotten for nearly 3 months!  After consistent prodding for weeks, I finally learned it would cost $200 more dollars to fix the already overpriced item.
  13. cladane
    I had a very good experience with Vinnie for my RWAK120 problems but I understand that those small manufactures rely heavily on their often one only personal. Actually I am in trouble with SAA Stefan Audio Art and my HD800

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