Red Wine Audio Corvina LFP-V Headphone Amp

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    Hi all, we have in stock ready to ship the Red Wine Audio Corvina balanced version. (4 pin XLR headphone out) We can make any of our ALO audio cables with a balanced termination.
    ALO audio CABLE DISCOUNT! The first 3 orders for the RWA Corvina with the balanced option will receive 25% off any ALO balanced headphone cable 
    Just Place your order for the Corvina seen HERE along with any 4 pin balanced cable and we will refund 25% of the cables cost back to your paypal or CC. Offer only applies to the $1500 balanced version.
    Please see detail below about the RWA Battery Powered LFP-V Edition headphone amp below.
    Please see:
    ALO Audio will be one of the few dealers of this upcoming headphone amp.  
    We anticipate that by the end of this month, we will be into production of a
    new, high-value headphone amplifier (without built-in d/a converter) - 

    The Corvina LFP-V Edition.


    -- Class-A LFP-V Tube input stage 

    -- Offered with our singled-ended output stage, or upgraded balanced output stage (4-pin XLR)

    -- 2 switchable inputs

    -- LiFePO4 battery pack and charger (It is an LFP-V Edition product, afterall

    -- LFP-V SMART board

    -- Alps Blue Velvet volume control

    -- Optional linear-regulated dc output jack to feed other compoents off-the-grid, making for a 
    fully transportable headphone listening experience

    -- Price: $1000 (single-ended output stage)
                 $1500 (discrete, balanced output stage via Neutrik 4-pin XLR

    Compared to our Isabellina HPA LFP-V Edition, the Corvina will be in a smaller 10" wide X 6" deep enclosure and will not have our built in Isabellina (or Isabellina Pro) dac board.  

    The rear panel layout is going to be different, and the front panel will resemble the Isabellina HPA, but smaller.

    If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind , LiFePO4 powered tube hybrid headphone amplifier that can drive just about every headphone out there, (Even AKG K1000 if you request high gain balanced output) this is the one that will set a new standard at this price!
    Thank you,
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