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Red Wine AK240 Astell Kern

Trader History (4)
  1. Dingding123
    For Sale
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    Selling a used AK240 with a few modifications
    1) Red Wine mod
    2) OPAMP change to AD8610BRM
    3) Copper shielding on digital and analogue circuits
    Rare to find one such player nowadays.

    Price not inclusive of Paypal fees and shipping.

    Full box available. Battery life is great. Some scratches on the body of the player. The leather cover has some signs of normal usage.

    The sound is superbly clean and enjoyable, with a huge amount of details and dynamics. Unlike the newer AK players, the increase in details does not come from a treble-oriented tuning, but from the preserved dynamics and a clean signal background.

    The RedWine mod is done by Hong Kong PWaudio's Peter Wong, using the same components as RedWine, but better fly wires.
    The OPAMP change and shielding are done by RomiAudio from Hong Kong.

    Note: the volume knob is not working, but you can still adjust the volume using touchscreen.

    Pics below. Please message me for more details.

    IMG_1738.JPG IMG_3649 2.jpg IMG_4083 2.jpg
  2. Dingding123
  3. Dingding123

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