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  1. rectangle
    Post your feedbacks here.
    Thank you.
  2. noowe
    I have bought Fischer Audio Eterna from Rectangle, everything was perfect, great communication and fast delivery- highly recommended seller!
  3. karma
    Edward bought two AV-710 soundcards from me. Payment was quick, and it was a smooth transaction all-around. Would gladly deal with again.
  4. Guidostrunk
    I purchased Fischer Audio Silver Bullet from Rectangle about a month ago or so, and everything went perfect, except for me leaving feedback so late. Would recommend to everyone who deals with him. Great guy.
  5. Beef_Curry
    I bought zune from him. Very good communication and fast shipping with nice packaging.
  6. dunski
    Sold Edward my K702s. Great guy. Great communication. Fast payment. Highly recommended!
  7. nsx_23
    Sold him my nuforce uDac. Its been a pleasure.

    Enjoy mate.
  8. avatarowoe
    Bought a Whiplash Audio Elite SCSCag Viablue LOD and a Fiio E5 Amp from Rectangle. Great product, no hitches with the shipping and very helpful.
  9. gonzalo
    I trade my alo's 780's (ultrasone) with jenna cable for his sony's sa 5000 + 100 €, after some discrepancies, (i think trades are more dificult than sell or buy), we have very good communication and the deal was easy. Fast shipping from Israel to Spain, Highly recommended. Edward enjoy your news hp.¡¡¡
  10. anadin
    I sold rectangle a Sansa Clip+ 8gb.
    He paid instantly and is a very nice person to deal with.
  11. alphaphoenix
    Sold my Denon AHD2000 a while back and it was a perfect transaction.  Sold my Zune and Meir headsix amp and it was perfect as well.  Payment and communication was first rate x2.
  12. Alec E
    Rectangle has just bought an Ortofon e-Q7 from me.  Paid exactly when he said he would.  Very nice guy.
  13. mcnoiserdc
    sold my re0 to rectangle, fast payment nice communications
  14. nyjets28
    sold my udac..was a easy and flawless transaction..highly recommended
  15. sumix

    I bought NuForce uDAC from Edward. Everything was perfect - fast shipping and good packaging. Edward is a very nice person to communicate with, I'm absolutely satisfied. Thanks!

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