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Recording Mic Outputs from Radio Headset

  1. petrolhead48
    Hi All,

    First post here and I'm after a little bit of advice please.

    I have a need to record the microphone outputs from a mic, speaker and PTT headset that I am using with handheld 2-way radios (Baofeng BF-888s). The headset has a Kenwood K1 style connector (which has both a 3.5mm TRS jack and a 2.5mm TRS jack) which currently connects straight in to the radio. Diagram of the connector here:


    As well as using the headset mic to transmit through the radio with, I want to also record the mic outputs. I am planning on using a simple PCM recording app on my smartphone, but this requires a normal 3.5mm jack input.

    My initial thinking was to use a splitter with a female Kenwood K1 socket that splits in to a male Kenwood K1 plug (to go in to the radio) and a 3.5mm jack (to go in to the phone), but after searching low and high I can't find anything like this.

    My second thought was to find a 3.5mm splitter (one female in to two males), plug one in to the smart phone and one in to the suitable port on the radio. At the same time use a 2.5mm extender (one female in to one male) and plug this straight in to the suitable port on the radio.

    Any thoughts / advice would be much appreciated.

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