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Recoomend me a good 2 channel system and subwoofer

  1. Thracian
    I've seen people selling the Swan M200 mk3 and a Audioengine P4 selling for cheap. Don't know anything about speakers though :/ the p4 seems ok, as I've an can use a receiver and amplifier lying around from my dad. However, something I can drive out of my Asgard2 or Bifrost would be best.

    About the subs, I'm a newb, so recommendations would me good!

    I would spend about $600 on everything. Just want some thing to listen to when I'm not using my headphones. Any help would be good ^_^
  2. obobskivich
    You know to use the car equipment you'll need a fairly robust DC power source, right? :xf_eek:

    Anyways, Asgard 2 can function as a preamp, so active monitors would be suitable for that environment (if you want to use Asgard 2 as the front-end). Adding a sub (correctly) will be kind of a bear though. Basically pick out an active monitor you like, buy two, and see if there exists a matching subwoofer from the same manufacturer.
  3. Herky151
    If you pick up a pair of swan m200mk3 new, it will be around $500 with shipping, not leaving a ton of room for a sub. I have no clue what they sell for used. I love mine dearly but the tweeters are really directional which some people don't prefer

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