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Nov 11, 2003
I think that technical computer issues (hardware and software unrelated to computer audio) should be best left to other website forums that are purely dedicated to the subject.

Here are a few that I recommend highly:
Excellent site and forums with a lot of very creative solutions to silencing your computer. Lots of DIY in the Forums and reviews of Off the Shelf solutions here.
Overall Tech and Computer site and Forums. There is an excellent Hot Deals forum there for looking for deals.
Another excellent overall tech and computer site. More emphasis on the tech here.
A [H]ardcore site and forums. The forums have somewhat fallen into a mire though. A good site for case modders. *Looks like their forums are down for the week.
A site and Forums dedicated to case modding. Very creative DIY here with many worklog "in progress" threads here. Many of the case mods are a work of art.

I understand that a really loud computer detracts from an enjoyable listening experience, but I think that bandwidth is better spent on threads about codecs, player software, sound cards, etc.

Rather than Operating systems issues, other computer hardware like Monitors, cases (although, I guess custom cases for a music computer could be a gray area).

There will be some overlapping, but I think posting info for n00bs and veterans alike may be very helpful for someone to tap the vast resources out there, and keep the more "esoteric" stuff that we like here. Afterall, most people wouldn't understand why any anyone would spend so much money on headphone equipment, let alone want to hook them up to a computer. (of course there are those here that don't understand either.)



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